UR ePay Instructions

Beginning in March 2009, The SMD Bursar's Office will offer students and their families the option to pay bills and view statements online through UR ePAY.

eBills are electronic student billing statements that display the same information as the traditional paper billing statements: charges for tuition, fees, credits and payments. eBills are posted in UR ePAY each month between the 15th and 18th when you have new or unpaid charges.

To access eBills and/or to make online payments, currently registered students must access UR ePay through their Blackboard portal: student.urmc.rochester.edu.

Students can set up individuals (parents, guardians, spouses, or third parties) to view and pay eBills by logging onto UR ePAY and selecting "Authorize Payers". Follow the instructions on the Authorize Payers page. Be sure to include an e-mail address so your Authorized Payer will receive e-mail notifications of eBill announcements.

Authorized payers (parents, guardians, spouses or third parties) can log into UR ePAY at: quikpayasp.com

You or your Authorized Payers can pay online while you are in UR ePAY, by either eCheck or credit card. eCheck is a fast and secure method for you to pay your eBill from any checking account without having to mail a check. There is no additional charge to pay by eCheck.

To make an eCheck payment using the payment screens, provide your routing and account numbers from the bottom of your check, and the amount you wish to pay. You will receive a receipt documenting the transaction for your records. Press the question mark on the PAYMENTS page if you need help locating the routing and/or account numbers, and you will see an example to assist you.

If paying by credit card, the UR ePAY vendor will assess a non-refundable 2.75% convenience fee for providing payment services. The UR ePAY vendor accepts Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

eBill Frequently Asked Questions