John P. Cullen, PhD Receives 2014 Presidential Diversity Award

John Cullen, PhDOne Presidential Diversity Award came to the University of Rochester Medical Center this year. John P. Cullen, PhD (pictured at left), a Research Associate Professor of Surgery, won the award for his strong commitment to human rights, social justice and diversity. He chairs the Pride Alliance at the University of Rochester, takes an active role in Safe Space training on campus, and has effectively negotiated policy change by bringing together various constituencies and by providing a voice for those who often are not empowered to speak on their own behalf due to stigma, shame or fear of reprisal. In nominating Dr. Cullen for the award, one person wrote that "John demonstrates a sustained interest and commitment to creating a more inclusive environment. While his primary efforts have focused on LGBT equality and inclusion, he is truly an advocate for diversity and equity for all members of our community.

The medical center also had two other nominees. The Transgender HealthCARE Conference Planning Committee (Linda Chaudron, MD, MS; John Cullen, PhD; Sharon Glezen, MD; Suzanne Piotrowski, MD; Craig Sellers, PhD; Daryl Sharp, PhD; and Grace Fuller) was nominated for their "recognizing the critical unmet healthcare needs of transgender individuals" and addressing those disparities with a conference in March 2013. Amina Alio, MD, was nominated for her leadership role in several community and national groups that provide a voice for diverse and often marginalized populations.

3rd Year Med Student Presents Poster at NHMA Conference in March 2014

Nallely Saldana-Ruiz, MS3, presented a poster titled The Affordable Care Act & Best Practices in Health Care for Hispanics, co-authored by Robert Fortuna, MD, (Med-Peds attending URMC-Culver Group) at the National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) Conference in Washington, DC, from March 26-30. As part of a national mentorship/leadership training program with the NHMA, Nallely was selected and paired with Dr. Fortuna to create a research project and community health experience.

The poster is the culmination of that association and work over the past two years with the Culver Group. It includes data from Nallely's weekly participation with the Rochester Diabetes Prevention Program. The poster presents preliminary data on the outcomes of the diabetes prevention intervention program implemented at the Culver Group. It focuses on the health outcomes of participants by age, gender, race, and pre-intervention weight, BMI, as well as data on blood cholesterol and blood glucose. Nallely has received national recognition for her work on the project. Dr. Cheryl Kodjo is her educational Advisory Dean.

Ob/Gyn Fellow Receives NHMA Award for Work in Hispanic Community

Jorge F. Carrillo, MD, an AAGL/SRS Fellow in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, was selected earlier this year for an National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) Award for his work in pelvic pain with the Hispanic community. Most of his patients suffer with chronic pelvic pain caused by conditions such as endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, myofascial pain syndrome, pudendal neuralgia and other abdominal wall neuropathies, fibroid uterus, and other chronic pelvic pain conditions. The award was given at the NHMA Conference in Washington, DC, in March 2014. About the award, Dr. Carrillo writes, "This only stimulates me to continue working harder im making chronic pelvic pain a condition that is well understood and treated." Dr. Carrillo is from Colombia, South America, and did his residency at Rochester General Hospital.

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