Frequently Asked Questions

What is the school code I should use when filling out the FAFSA form for the University Of Rochester School Of Medicine?
Am I considered independent or dependent?
For Federal loans you are considered independent, even if your parents claimed you on their federal income tax return. For University of Rochester administered loans and scholarship aid you are considered dependent.
Do I need to provide parent data on the FAFSA form?
We do not require parent’s data to be provided on the FAFSA form.  Some schools you are applying to may require parent’s data on the FAFSA form so you may want to check with them before submitting your FAFSA form.
How do I apply for need based scholarship aid?
If you are applying for need based scholarship aid the University of Rochester Medical School collects parental data via the Need Access application on the web.
What if my parents are divorced or separated?
Financial information must be provided by both of your natural parents or by a natural parent and that parent's spouse. In other words, unless a parent is deceased, each applicant will provide information from two parents or a parent and a stepparent.
What if I apply for only loans, not a scholarship?
Students who are seeking only certification for federally guaranteed loans may apply without providing parental financial information.  Such applicants will not be considered for scholarship assistance
What is the average M.D. debt per graduating borrower?
$151,697 (Class of 2013)
How many students borrow?  How many students receive scholarship aid?
76% of students borrow; 52% receive scholarship aid in addition to borrowing.
What is the average scholarship amount per year?
$21,393 (2012-2013)
What should I do if I have questions about applying for financial aid?
The best way to reach us is by sending an email to the office at or call the office at (585) 275-4523.