Answers to Frequently asked Questions regarding the University of Rochester Cardiology Fellowship Programs Clinical-Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship.

We have five General (three-year) Clinical Fellowship Positions, which are filled through the National Resident Match Program only. We do not fill positions for the regular (three-year) Clinical Cardiology Fellowship outside of the National Residents Match Program.

PLEASE NOTE: Only U.S. Citizens/permanent residents and J-1 visas sponsored by the ECFMG are considered for clinical training. We do not accept HI-B visas or applicants with "pending permanent residency" status. If a J-1 visa holder, the applicant must have adequate time to complete fellowship prior to losing J-1 status (7-year total).

  • Our five first-year positions with a start date of July 1, 2012 are full. We are participating in the ERAS application system for the 2012-2013 recruitment season for positions with a start date of July 1, 2013.
    You may access the ERAS website at www.aamc.org/audienceeras.htm. We are no longer accepting paper applications.
  • If you are selected for an invitation to interview, you will be notified by email and U.S. mail.
  • Interviews will be conducted in the summer of 2012 for 2013 positions.
  • A complete list of REQUIRED attachments are:
    • Completed application on the ERAS electronic system
    • Personal statement—Provide a brief description of your career plans and your goals for the fellowship
    • Updated Curriculum Vitae to include Honors/Awards, Memberships, and Publications
    • Current copies of ECFMG certificates, if applicable. Visa information will be requested if needed once applications are reviewed on ERAS.
    • Three letters of reference sent by designated references on application form. All three letters of reference need to be received before a file will be considered for an interview. One letter is required to be from the applicant's current program director.
    • USMLE scores—Part I, II, III and documentation
      Applications will be processed only after the three letters of recommendation have been received and the file is complete. It is the applicant's responsibility to make sure these letters are sent.
  • If you would like to check the status of your application, you may view which documents our program has received on ERAS.
  • For additional information, inquires should be addressed to:
    Cardiology Division
    University of Rochester Medical Center
    601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 679A
    Rochester, NY 14642-8679
    Phone: (585) 275-4290
    email: michelle_snyder@urmc.rochester.edu
    Training Program Coordinator: Michelle Snyder

Application Information for the Interventional Program

  • Our positions for the start date of July 2012 are filled. There are two Interventional Fellowship positions at the University of Rochester. This is a one-year training program; interviews are scheduled as positions are open.
  • Applicants must first have completed a regular three-year general cardiology fellowship to be considered.
  • Applications/letters of reference should be addressed to:
    Frederick S. Ling, M.D.
    Director, Interventional Fellowship Program
    601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 679C
    Rochester, NY 14642-8679
    Phone: (585) 273-3229
    email: Joanne_Tranella@urmc.rochester.edu
    Training Program Coordinator: Joanne Tranella

Application Information for the Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Program

  • Positions for a start date of July 1, 2011 are currently full. We are currently accepting applications for the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 years.
  • The EP fellowship is a two-year program. One year is an ACGME-accredited year which upon completion allows the fellow to take the Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology board exam. The second year is a a non-accredited year, to allow additional time for training. Applicants must first have competed a regular three-year general cardiology fellowship (or foreign equivalent) to be considered.
  • Completed applications and letters should be addressed to:
    David T. Huang, M.D.
    Director, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Program
    601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 679Y
    Rochester, NY 14642-8679
    Phone: (585) 273-1147
    email: Brenda_Herrmann@urmc.rochester.edu
    Training Program Coordinator: Brenda Herrmann

Application Information for the Heart Failure and Transplantation Program Training Program (Non-Accredited Training Program)

  • Our position for July 2011 is filled.
  • The heart failure and transplantation program is a one-year (12-month) training program that is not accredited by the ACGME. Completion of a three-year clinical cardiology fellowship program is required before entry into the Heart Failure Training Program.
  • Completed paper applications and supporting documentation should be addressed to:
    Leway Chen, M.D., M.P.H.
    Medical Director, Heart Failure and Transplantation Program
    601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 679T
    Rochester, NY 14642-8679
    Phone: (585) 275-4290
    email: michelle_snyder@urmc.rochester.edu
    Attention: Michelle Snyder