Educational Activities/Teaching Conferences

A dedication to current teachings and continual learning means that our residents spend time not only doing procedure and learning the mechanics of Anesthesiology, but also learning about the concepts and reason behind the practices. Weekly conferences, lecture-based learning and interactive activity allow residents to learn in a variety of different styles and push them to perform at the highest level possible.

A significant portion of the learning opportunities are organized and presented during morning conference and educational days. A newly designed and updated curriculum is focusing on an integrated progression of information beginning with Monday morning lecture and supplemental information sent to each resident and faculty member. This specific topic can be discussed between the resident and each of the different faculty they work with that week in order to solidify the information from each of the different points of view.

Here is a sample week for education material.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

0630: Morning Lecture – Intravenous Anesthetics with Dr. Borovcanin


0630: Case Presentation and Conference with Dr. Borovcanin


08:30: Acute Crisis Resource Management Simulation with Dr. Breneman


1530: Afternoon Lecture for CA-1 Class: Acid-Base Balance with Dr. Mills

0630: Board Review for CA-3 Class with Dr. Sabnis


1900: Neuroanesthesia Journal Club at Dr. Hoefnagel’s House

0700: Department Grand Rounds


0830: Educational Day for CA-3 Class – Medical Malpractice Day at the Monroe County Courthouse

0630: Quiz Review with Dr. Karan

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