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Victoria DiMarco

AhariED alias/nickname: Thumper
Care to explain its origins? I live with two rabbits
How do you like your coffee? Black, and frequently enough to give me arrhythmias
Previous lives: Lab rat, physician handwriting transcriptionist, tailor
Favorite spot in Rochester: Erie Canal running trails in Pittsford and Brighton. Amazing at all times of the year!
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: The Culture Series of Space Opera by Iain M. Banks

Jillian Geyer

endrizziED Alias/Nickname: Boots
Care to explain its origins? I ride horses and it generally requires the wearing of boots.
How do you like your coffee: In large quantities
Previous lives: Horse-back riding instructor, landscaper, ranch hand, lifeguard
Guilty Pleasures:
Pillows. I have so many pillows on my bed that sometimes I can't even find my mattress
Favorite Spot in Rochester:
Ellison Park with my dog, kayaking or paddle boarding on the Genesee River, or sleeping in my pillow-bed
Favorite Book besides Tintinalli: I am a big fan of all things nerdy (Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones), but I do also love Phoolan, by Irene Frain

Matthew Hershman

EyermannED alias/nickname: Hershey Kiss
Care to explain its origins: Has to do with my name, I guess but I don't think it is going to stick

How do you like your coffee? Black

Previous lives: House framer, roofer, instrument insurer, instrument repairer/maker
Favorite spot in Rochester: My backyard, canal trail, Letchworth State Park, Mendon Ponds Park
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: I don't read a lot of books these days, mostly newspapers and magazines. Currently enjoying the Fretboard Journal (guitar journal)

Erik Kvamme

FieldsED alias/nickname: Patches
Care to explain its origins? I get way too intense in dodgeball, or appropriately intense depending on your point of view
How do you like your coffee? Split shot Americano
Previous lives: Mostly I've been walking up the medical ladder (EMT and MA), but my favorite job was short-term work on an island-locked organic farm
Favorite spot in Rochester: So far, Red Barn and the back yard movie at Lux
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: On The Road, Perfume, Enders Game

Mandeep Lehil

GartonED alias/nickname: Tanner, BD, Deep, Manny
Care to explain its origins? Everyone ends up coming up with a different nickname for me
How do you like your coffee: Black, french press, and in large volumes

Previous lives: Hepatitis researcher, wrestling coach
Guilty pleasures: Cookies, Mario Kart, biking, hiking, traveling, though I have no guilt about these things (maybe the cookies)
Favorite spot in Rochester: Tap and Mallet and the Erie Canal trail so far
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Too many to pick but most recently: Fire and Ice Series, Cloud Atlas, Stormlight Archive, Hitchhikers Guide, Engineer Trilogy, 1Q84

Matthew Merriman

KlickED alias/nickname: Merry Man, Sad Man, Angry Man, Scary Man
Care to explain its origins? I live in a glass cage of emotion
How do you like your coffee? N/A
Previous lives: Barista, Dock insertion and extraction, Biz Kid$ Guru, Reluctant tech guy
Guilty pleasures: Putting bacon on everything, crazy straws, the color salmon
Favorite spot in Rochester: Running the Genesee River Trail or sitting at a table outside with a drink on Park Ave.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: The Old Man and the Sea

Steven Nelson

RajED alias/nickname: Nelson, Half-Nelson, Full-Nelson, Daddy (but only to my son)
Care to explain its origins? Last name
How do you like your coffee? I don't always drink hot drinks, but when I do I choose Stephen’s Gourmet Cocoa
Previous lives: Student, research minion, real estate agent
Guilty pleasures: Cheesecake, carrot cake, ice cream cake, flan and other cake derivatives
Favorite spot in Rochester: Hole 12 at Ellison Park Disc Golf Course
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:Gone Girl, Les Miserables, Unbroken, Harvey Penick's Litte Red Book, Long Walk to Freedom

Jeffrey Reed

MoonED alias/nickname: Tim Wiegand
Care to explain its origins? My resemblance to our famed and omnipresent Director of Toxicology
How do you like your coffee?In 1L boluses through a CORDIS
Previous lives: Poor college student, poor medical student, house painter, cabinet maker, Wegman's, Ortho researcher
Guilty pleasures: Eating veal parmesan
Favorite spot in Rochester: Durand Eastman Park, Charlotte Beach, Pelican's Nest deck, Marge's beach
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: "On Food and Cooking" by Harold McGee, FM 21-76

Daniel Saada

ROndashED alias/nickname: Seabiscuit
Care to explain its origins: Your guess is as good as mine
How do you like your coffee: With caffeine
Previous lives: Ghengis Kahn, Abraham Lincoln, a toad, in that order
Guilty Pleasures: Craigslist Free Section
Favorite spot in Rochester
: Yummy Garden
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: A Clockwork Orange

Joshua Smith

ShocketED alias/nickname: Spud, White Lightening, White Chocolate, White Whale
Care to explain its origins: Spud because I'm from Idaho. T he others ones likely because of my formidable paleness
How do you like your coffee? With lots of creamer and occasionally some whipped a manly mug
Previous lives: EMT, government-access videographer, water park supervisor
Guilty Pleasures: much chocolate
Favorite spots in Rochester: Home with my wife or Tap and Mallet with friends...also just about any food truck I can find
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:  The Screwtape Letters, Atlas Shrugged

Jason Zeller

vernettiED alias/Nickname: JZ, DF, Helen
Care to explain its origins?: Next time
How do you like your coffee? Whatever it takes to keep me AAO x 2-3, occasionally substituted with Monster Rehab - maybe I should try a mix?
Previous Lives: EMT, Driving range golf ball picker upper (aka target); camp counselor
Favorite spot in Rochester: Singing whatever comes on in the car, shower or bar, outdoor concerts, long bike-rides
Favorite Book besides Tintinalli: Into the Wild; Touch the top of the world


Shahram Ahari

AhariED alias/nickname: "Shazam!!!", "Pappa Bear" or, alternatively, "PC" Care to explain its origins? PC = Persian Clooney; apparently some of my patients think i look like George Clooney.  Who am I to argue?
How do you like your coffee? IV
Previous lives: Drug rep turned public health advocate
Favorite spot in Rochester: Pont de Rennes at sunset/sunrise
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Recently had time to reread Silverstein's "The Giving Tree"; melancholy-sweet sentiment but a little wordy...

Sydney Chamberlin

BergsmaED alias/nickname: "Down Under"
Care to explain its origins? You know, like the city...
How do you like your coffee? Cream, no sugar, strong, multiple, and daily!
Previous lives: Wegman's baker and sub-maker, ballerina
Favorite spot in Rochester: Geneseo
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Wheater's Functional Histology

Julie Endrizzi

endrizziED Alias/Nickname: Fanny BooBoo
Care to explain its origins? I suspect it's related to my fanny pack
How do you like your coffee: Black and as a constant infusion from my favorite thermos
Previous lives: Farm intern, whitewater paddler, tele skier
Guilty Pleasures:
Butter, but I never feel guilty about it!
Favorite Spot in Rochester:
Farmer's Market
Favorite Book besides Tintinalli: Hard to decide. I'm a big ol' Lord of the Rings dweeb, plus anything Harry Potter,  "At Home" by Bill Bryson, "What is the What", "Born to Run", "The Glass Castle", "the Tipping Point", "Omnivore's Dilemma" and any horrible fantasy novel that you throw at me. This list will change tomorrow.

Peter Eyermann

EyermannED alias/nickname: The Heat, Colorblind, Benjamin Button
Care to explain its origins: I'm not colorblind and I still don’t know why people keep bringing it up
How do you like your coffee? Never touch the stuff Previous lives: DNA splicer, yeast grower par excellence
Favorite spot in Rochester: Dinosaur BBQ, try the Carolina style pulled pork and tell me I’m wrong
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: The Martian Chronicles... I fell in love with scifi because of this book

Aaron Fields

FieldsED alias/nickname: Cookie Monster
Care to explain its origins? My mother makes delicious cookies...apparently.
How do you like your coffee? Over the lips and past the gums, look out stomach, here it comes!
Previous lives: Amateur Ornithologist, Food service scut monkey, Georgetown socialite
Favorite spot in Rochester: Tap & Mallet, RIT Bird Observatory
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: "Good Without God" by Greg Epstein; Aesop's Fables

Nathan Garton

GartonED alias/nickname:Switchblade
Care to explain its origins?What happens at the retreat, stays at the retreat.
Previous lives:
Writer, waiter, construction, valet, snow board shop, lots of odd jobs throughout the years
Guilty pleasures: Bourbon, Breaking Bad, and Amazon Prime
Favorite spot in Rochester: Public Market or Highland Park
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Lots, most recently "Inside Jokes", and "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again"

Howard Lin

KlickED alias/nickname: Happy Resident Doc (HRD for short)
Care to explain its origins?Apparently I'm always grinning
How do you like your coffee? I’ll take it however but being cheap and lazy usually results in me drinking it black.
Previous lives: Phlebotomist and bellhop for Princess Hotel. I used to have a name tag that said “Princess Howard”
Guilty pleasures: I’m a bit of a cinephile, just like Michael Bolton!
Favorite spot in Rochester: Any coffee shop when it’s cold, dark, and rainy outside.  It reminds me of Seattle!
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: I like books with pictures!

Sathyaraj "Raj" Murugappan

RajED alias/nickname: The King
Care to explain its origins? Intern retreat..probably taken from the fact my name actually means king...
How do you like your coffee? Coffee, psshaw, it's all about the tea!
Previous lives: Chicagoan, Tech support
Guilty pleasures: Sleeping, nothing like spending all day in bed.
Favorite spot in Rochester: Finger Lakes and Rochester Public Library
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Science-Fiction: Orwell, Clarke, Philip K. Dick, etc.

Joseph Pereira

MoonED alias/nickname: Friskies?
Care to explain its origins? I don't get it, but we'll see what happens
How do you like your coffee? Black if hot, but you need to have milk if you ice it
Previous lives: Farmhand, Enterprise Rent-A-Car Cleaner/Driver
Guilty pleasures: Freezie pops and sunflower seeds
Favorite spot in Rochester: Blue Cross Arena, Dinosaur BBQ, Penfield Hots, Abbott's, Aladdin's, Simply Crepes, Rib Fest at Highland Park, Belhurst Castle, Seneca Lake Wine Trail
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: "The Most Dangerous Game"

Giancarlo Rondash

ROndashED alias/nickname: The Mayor
Care to explain its origins: I grew up in Rochester, and worked as a sushi chef and bartender for a while, so I usually know somebody at whichever bar or restaurant we meet out at.
How do you like your coffee: Hot and black. Unless I'm driving to work and spilling it on my pants, then I hate coffee.
Previous lives: Sushi chef, rock climbing instructor, bartender, and pole vaulting coach
Guilty Pleasures: George Thorogood and the Destroyers and eating Garbage Plates.
Favorite spot in Rochester
: The Public Market
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: "Infinite Jest"

Daniel Shocket

ShocketED alias/nickname: Milk Shocolate
Care to explain its origins: Shocket is my last name and I guess people felt my demeanor was as smooth and sweet as chocolate... Ha!! My plan is coming together perfectly... ;)
How do you like your coffee? Plentiful for those that need it to function so they're not crabby.  Caffeine and me don't get along... Jitters!! I'll prefer a shot of adrenaline to keep me sharp.
Previous lives: ER tech, International Medical Volunteer, seller of fancy clothes, wanderlust, beach bum, professional mountain man, adrenaline junkie, genuine certified goofball,
Guilty Pleasures: Watching entire tv show seasons in one sitting, camping in the middle of nowhere, traveling with no itinerary, eating anything and everything then exercising it off, craft beer, trail running, climbing things, and jumping off or out of things,
Favorite spots in Rochester: South Wedge, Tap and Mallet, Public Market, RedBarn rock gym.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:   Fantasy books are my go-to for fun: LOTR, Ender's Game, Shannara series, Inheritance series

Constance Vernetti

vernettiED alias/Nickname: Big Vernetti
Care to explain its origins?: I'm not very tall, my last name is Vernetti, and the other interns are mean!
How do you like your coffee? Tasting as much like water or tea as possible
Previous Lives: EMT for Rural/Metro Ambulance in Rochester
Favorite spot in Rochester: Corn Hill
Favorite Book besides Tintinalli: Anything by John Irving (and the Harry Potter series, obviously).

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Brian Barlow

BarlowED alias/nickname: Cupcake
Care to explain its origins? I claimed it on Day 1!
How do you like your coffee? black, hot, first thing when I wake up, and a lot of it.
Previous lives: fry guy, human ATM, lab rat
Guilty pleasures: cookies and cupcakes, red wine, dumpster diving and thrift-store hoarding, watermelon
Favorite spot in Rochester: Movies 10 or the Public Market
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: most recently, "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle"

Lisa Bergsma

BergsmaED alias/nickname: Mt Dew/Blondie
Care to explain its origins? Ask Dr. Shah
How do you like your coffee? as chocolate covered espresso beans, or substitute Mountain Dew (see above)
Previous lives: traveler, historian, horse-lover
Guilty pleasures: ice cream, mountain biking,and long walks on the beach with my husband
Favorite spot in Rochester: Durand-Eastman Beach
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Rosen's of course! No seriously, TNTM (too numerous to mention)

Praneeta Bremjit

BremjitED Alias/Nickname: Princess
How do you like your coffee: With about 8 packets of sugar
Guilty Pleasures: Shoe shopping
Favorite Spot in Rochester: My apartment
Favorite Book besides Tintinalli: The Kite Runner

John DeAngelis

eAngelisED alias/nickname: Wiki
Care to explain its origins? As most nicknames, I had little choice in its origin
How do you like your coffee? Black
Previous lives:Chemical Engineer in Ohio
Guilty pleasures: Rice Krispie Treats
Favorite spot in Rochester: Not sure yet, there's a lot to see
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Watership Down

Holly Gunyan

GunyanED alias/nickname: Gunyan
Care to explain its origins?It's Anglo-Saxon and I acquired it on my wedding day.
How do you like your coffee? Why drink something that smells like dirty gym socks? Instead, I'll take hot chocolate made from Valrhona milk chocolate with lots of marshmallow fluff.
Previous lives: orthopedic medical assistant, phlebotomist and blood product lab technician, athletic trainer, book bag/tote bag manufacturer, seamstress, entomologic research assistant
Guilty pleasures: pizza, celebrity gossip magazines, costume dramas, paranormal/fantasy fiction novels
Favorite spot in Rochester: Historical sites and houses--still exploring, don't have a favorite one yet.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein, The Hiding Place, The Scarlett Pimpernell, etc.

Christopher Harmon

How do you like your coffee? Tasting as much like Diet Coke as possible.
Previous lives: College athlete, clearly previously.
Guilty pleasures: Watching sports and playing/hiking with my black lab/golden retriever Einstein.
Favorite spot in Rochester: My screened in porch.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: "Luckiest Man: The life and death of Lou Gehrig"

Cole Klick



How do you like your coffee? Strong and black, add creamer when my stomach is feeling less manly
Previous lives: Pool boy, surf bum, teen heart-throb
Guilty pleasures: Romantic comedies, the olive bar at Wegmans, tank tops, rusty old trucks
Favorite spot in Rochester: Single track at Tryon Park and Bay West
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Anything by Ernest Hemingway, John Krakauer, or John Steinbeck, preferably on audio book

Valerie Lou

LouED alias/nickname: Spider Monkey
Care to explain its origins? Ref: Talladega Nights
How do you like your coffee?  Shade-grown, fair-trade, medium roast, brewed strong in my vac pot
Previous lives: yogi, park ranger
Guilty pleasures: re-reading children's novels, peanut butter by the spoonful
Favorite spot in Rochester: My porch in a thunderstorm
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: "Sometimes a Great Notion"

Jeffrey Moon

MoonED alias/nickname: Jersey Jeff, but everyone will end up calling me 'Moon' anyway
Care to explain its origins? I'm passionate, intense, loud and proud: like a lot of people from New Joisey
How do you like your coffee? Dark, strong and daily
Previous lives: Special Assistant to UR's Provost and Exec. VP, Hopkins researcher, NJ Senator's aide, health care lobbyist, editor, Olive Garden waiter
Guilty pleasures: Craft brews, metal music, and fantasy books--all at once are fine with me. Also, The Wire and The Sopranos.
Favorite spot in Rochester: Anywhere fish are biting
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: The Art of War, Social Intelligence, The Art of Woo, A Song of Ice and Fire series, Essays of EB White, Forgotten Realms books, New Humanities Reader, The Bhagavad Gita, The Dhammapada

Antonio Rodriguez

RodriguezED alias/nickname: A-Rod
Origins: I used to play baseball for the Yankees (in little league)
How do you like your coffee: I don't really, but I'll drink it to avoid being a bobble-head in conference.
Previous lives: Saltwater fishing enthusiast
Guilty pleasures: I just can't help but sing along to that "Call me maybe" song. It's just SO catchy!
Favorite spot in Rochester: Monroe County Crossfit and the Ellison Park dog park
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Rosen's

Henry Tran

TranED alias/nickname: The consultant
Care to explain its origins?I didn't have scrubs the first week of shifts, so I wore a dress shirt. Thus, everyone thought I was a consultant and not actually an EM resident
How do you like your coffee? dark and bitter
Previous lives: anatomy TA, lab tech, volunteer coordinator
Guilty pleasures: board games, Kelly Clarkson, chocolate chip ice cream
Favorite spot in Rochester: Tap and Mallet, the trail up the Genesee River
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Crime and Punishment, Harry Potter 6

Aaron Weaver

WeaverED alias/Nickname: Batman
Care to explain its origins?: I'm Batman.
How do you like your coffee? Black, though really dark brown is probably a more accurate description.
Previous Lives: Full-on hippie. Dreadlocks, tie-dye, patchwork pants (sewed 'em myself), etc.
Guilty pleasures: Life's too short to feel guilty about pleasures.
Favorite spot in Rochester: Jeremiah's Tavern
Favorite Book besides Tintinalli: The Puppet Masters, or any Calvin and Hobbes collection.

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