Interview Information


Interviews for invited applicants take place on Mondays, from October through December. Candidates are requested to arrive in Rochester on Sunday afternoon so they may meet with current Neurology residents for dinner that evening. The interview program will begin on Monday morning at 7:30 a.m. and will conclude no later than 5 p.m. The interview program includes orientation meetings with the Neurology and Medicine program directors, Attending Rounds on the Neurology Inpatient Unit, tours of the clinical and research facilities, lunch with the Neurology residents, and individual interviews with members of the faculty. Applicants should indicate any specific clinical or investigative interests so additional interviews can be arranged.

The Department of Neurology will arrange and pay for overnight accommodations for Sunday night for all applicants invited for an interview.

Applicant Information - Second Visits

We are happy to help coordinate a second visit for applicants who wish to spend more time in Rochester visiting our program. During a second visit, we will arrange for you to round with one of the inpatient teams and to attend morning report, attending rounds, Grand Rounds (if you visit on a Friday) and the noon conference. We can also arrange for you to meet with additional faculty and residents on request. Applicants who wish a second visit should contact Clara Vigelette following their interview. Please note that second visits are neither required nor necessarily encouraged.