Curriculum Overview/Rotations

Clinical Training


Other Program Highlights

  • Robust Family Planning program with 2 dedicated attendings, including time at Planned Parenthood, and a department strongly committed to the provision of family planning services to the women of our community. All residents participate in family planning and advanced contraception clinics and participation in procedures is at the preference of the resident.
  • eRecord used for all inpatient and outpatient documentation.
  • Miner Online library includes digital access to thousands of medical journals, including all the major OB-GYN journals, general OB-GYN and other medical specialty textbooks, and Up-To-Date (among other educational programs) from all clinical work sites.
  • Blackboard  website is home to all curricula, learning objectives, educational materials, policies, etc. for the program and all rotations.
  • E*Value electronic evaluation system