Research Overview


Participation in clinical or basic research projects is strongly encouraged throughout the training period, especially during the elective segment. Such activities are viewed as highly desirable and are recognized by the American Board of Pathology as appropriate for enhancing post-graduate education in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Residents wishing to engage in research need to:

  1. Identify a faculty sponsor
  2. Working with the faculty sponsor, the resident is to develop and present a research proposal to the Resident Education Committee at least three months prior to the proposed start date
  3. Estimate the length of time required to complete the project
  4. Prepare a verbal and/or written report of research findings and present such findings at departmental meetings (e.g., Grand Rounds or annual Research Day program) and at regional or national meetings. Residents may use elective time to allow some full-time work on a research project.

External Conferences and Events

Residents receive financial support from the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine each year to attend at least one major national meeting. Additional support may be provided for those residents who wish to attend a scientific meeting in order to present the results of their own research endeavors.

Resident Research Year-Out Program

The University of Rochester has developed the Resident Research Year-Out Program, a unique program that allows residents to interrupt their residency program to spend a year conducting research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The primary purpose of this program is resident career development—to enhance the ability of our residents to successfully compete for outstanding fellowship and faculty opportunities in academic Pathology programs.

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