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WISEGeek definition of Pathology: in essence, the study of blood, fluid, and tissue samples, which allow doctors to make diagnoses of various illnesses, by looking for specific factors lacking or present in these samples. In medical care, the pathologist is a very valuable part of the medical team, since many diseases are diagnosed or ruled out by microscopic and lab analysis of fluid, blood, or tissue samples.

Single, married, children, no children, pets, musicians, dancers, cooks, no pets, tall, short, young and old. Our residents are an eclectic group of men and women dedicated to training in Pathology. Over the years, our graduates have gone on to academics, private practice, independent practice and County & State government practices in Kansas, Virginia, Delaware, Texas, Georgia, New Mexico, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and New York.

As you consider taking your first step in residency training, we encourage you to apply to the University of Rochester. We look forward to introducing you to Western New York, sharing more about our program and are confident you will be pleased with what you find.

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