Educational Activities/Teaching Conferences

The Department of Neurology schedules a wide range of educational conferences. In addition to these departmental conferences, a large number of conferences concerning the neurosciences take place within the University of Rochester Medical Center. These include conferences in the Departments of Medicine, Neurobiology and Anatomy, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Radiology, Pharmacology, Genetics, and others. Major Neurology Department teaching conferences include the following:

General Neurology Teaching Conferences

View General Neurology Teaching Conferences here.

Child Neurology Teaching Conferences

Child Neurology Lecture Series

The core lecture series in child neurology for the adult and child neurology residents occurs every other week during the year.  This is an extensive two year series that covers all relevant topics in child neurology for clinical practice and for board certification.  This is taught by the child neurology faculty as well as subspecialists in various related departments including Genetics, Developmental Pediatrics, Neurosurgery, Neuro-ophthalmology, Neuromuscular, and Epilepsy.

Child Neurology Lecture Series

Tuesday Morning Child Neurology Division Conference

Every Tuesday morning, the department gets together for teaching, including the faculty, residents, nurse practitioners, nurses, and medical students on the rotation. The faculty and residents present on various topics of their choosing throughout the year. Included in this series are patient presentations and journal article discussions. This is a favorite conference among the faculty, and is a great opportunity to get together and teach each other. It is also an excellent chance for the child neurology residents to gain proficiency in medical education.

Thursday Morning Patient of the Week Conference

This conference series is designed specifically for the child neurology residents to present interesting cases from the inpatient or outpatient services. It is precepted by Dr. Jonathan Mink, division chair, and is an invaluable conference for reinforcing core clinical topics as well as improving clinical skills.