Program Overview


The overall aim of the three-year residency curriculum is the comprehensive Reneducation and training of the general pediatrician. Clinical rotations blend a mixture of inpatient pediatrics, including intensive care experience, with ambulatory pediatrics in a multitude of settings. In addition to the education derived from direct patient care, a repeating 18-month comprehensive conference curriculum is utilized to ensure that each resident receives a complete, well-rounded education. Monday management conferences are held twice a month; morbidity and mortality conferences are held once each block. Residents participate in mock codes once a block. A special emphasis is placed on evidence-based medicine (EBM) with residents learning to critically appraise the literature. The residents also have access to the child advocacy library, which contains books, journals, and videos on the health of children.



  • Brooke Steinbronn, Pediatric Residency Program Coordinator