Is this program fully accredited by the RRC?
In 2007 the Plastic Surgery Residency Program received full accreditation for another 5 Years.
Is this program integrated or coordinated?
This is an Integrated program.
Is research required?
Submitting at least one scholarly article to a peer-reviewed journal during your residency is expected. There are opportunities to take a year or two out of residency to pursue individual research projects. If any of your projects are accepted at a meeting, your trip will be funded by the Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.
What is the call like for the plastic surgery residents?
Call varies by the number of residents on that particular month. Usually it runs between four and seven calls per month, and we cover three local hospitals.
What didactic sessions take place?
Our Monday mornings are based on a revolving two-year curriculum that covers a range of topics. Residents are expected to prepare assigned questions and submit them to a shared data base. We also have a Thursday morning conference that is either Grand Rounds, M&M or an indications conference.
How much autonomy do residents have in the OR?
This varies by attending, and if there are multiple residents on the case. Overall, if you are the most senior resident, you are expected to be able to perform the operation with assistance of the attending.
How much cosmetic surgery are residents exposed to?
We are exposed to a fair amount of cosmetic surgery during our various rotations. We strive for a 75 percent case load (compared nationally).
What is hand call like?
Currently, we cover hand call at Rochester General Hospital every night. This includes setting fractures, splitting, replantations, suturing lacerations and other common procedures.
What is face call like?
We share face call with OMFS and ENT during the month. Our coverage ends up averaging about two weeks a month, and includes any traumatic injury that comes through the emergency department.
Who performs the microsurgery in the program-affiliated hospitals?
Almost all the microsurgery in the hospital is done by the Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.
Is there money for books?
Residents receive a yearly stipend for books.
What’s the program policy on "moonlighting"?
Moonlighting is not permitted by the plastic surgery residents at any time.
Are loupes provided free of charge?
What academic-related social events are there for residents?
Our monthly journal club takes place at attending homes or restaurants. There also are sponsored dinners, annual holiday parties, graduation dinners and social events for any visiting professors/lecturers.
What hobbies do the faculty and residents have?
Wine tasting, golf, tennis, running, traveling, etc.—the Rochester area offers you wonderful facilities for all these activities and more.