Resident Life

The University of Rochester's Vascular Surgery Residents have a strong camaraderie amongst themselves and with the faculty. Numerous off-site activities contribute to establishing and strengthening of friendships, and ultimately lead to the creation of a strong team. Because of this, the residents are well-rounded and better able to deal with the stresses that they face in their professional life.


Our Residents at the Annual Divisional Picnic

The Department acknowledges the importance of leading a healthy balanced life. In addition to providing a professionally challenging curriculum, many social and recreational activities are planned throughout the year.

Activities: Intern Welcoming Picnic, Summer Outing, Annual Faculty vs. Resident Softball Game, Resident Retreat, Department Holiday Party, Match Day Party, the History Meeting/Intern Roast, and Graduation Dinner.

Useful Information

Vacation/Other Benefits

Vacation: our residents have four 9 day vacations (total 36 days) dispersed throughout the academic year.

The following are provided to the resident by the Vascular Surgery Department:

  • Surgical loupes
  • Customized lead
  • Radiation safety training and certification
  • RVTI credentialing (need to confirm)
  • Additional $3,000/yr educational fund to be used for conferences and books


    Dr. Stoner Having Fun at the Residents Picinc

Annual Social Activities

  • Vascular Surgery Division Picnic
  • Chairman’s Christmas/Holiday Party
  • Intramural Softball