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The goal of the GSS Philanthropic board is to increase graduate involvement in the community and to build lasting relationships between U of R students and our neighbors. The best way we can do this is by hearing from you.

Below are some of the community outreach opportunities the GSS is currently involved with. If you see an activity or organization you would like to help out with please contact us to let us know. If we get a few people interested we may be able to schedule a new event.

We also welcome any and all feedback. Let us know what you like and didn’t like about past events or what you would like to see in the future. What motivates you to become involved? What are your concerns about volunteering? The more we hear from you the better this can work for you. 

Thank you for your interest in GSS philanthropy and don’t forget to check the calendar to see what we have coming up!

Group Opportunities

Intervol: RUMS (Recovery of Unused Medical Supply program)
Intervol is a Rochester based organization that collects unused medical supplies and distributes them to areas of need both locally and internationally. Volunteers come to the warehouse to sort and pack the donations. This is an open interactive atmosphere with significant environmental and world health implications. Let us know if you would like to be involved. For more information on the program visit their website.

Ronald McDonald House: Make a meal
The Ronald McDonald House of Rochester is a ‘home away from home’ for the families of critically sick children. Volunteers arrange a menu and then prepare the meal for the families staying in the house so that they have dinner waiting when they return from the hospital. For more information on the make a meal program visit their website.

Individual Opportunities

High School Math and Science Tutoring
There is a need for individuals to tutor underrepresented students from city high schools who also have been involved with the STEM and STEP programs. They are looking for a list of tutors who might be willing to make a minimum 6-8 week commitment to a student at a time and location of your choice. You would be contacted as needed and would first be able to decide if you were available to assist a student before committing. In addition to helping these students on their way to graduating high school this is also an opportunity for you to gain some teaching experience. If you would like to be on the list please contact us with your name, e-mail and the subjects you would be most comfortable tutoring.

Elementary School Tutoring/Mentoring
Saturday school is looking for a list of people who would be willing to be on call to help out if one of the regular volunteers is unable to make it. The program is for K-6th graders at city schools and runs for 11 Saturdays. It began on October 15th. Each Saturday it runs from 9-11 am and begins with a light breakfast for students and volunteers. At 9:30 the students pair off with volunteers for one-on-one tutoring/mentoring.  At 11 am Hoops for Health take over and the Saturday school volunteers are welcome to stay, but it is not required.  It takes place at School #7. The address is 31 Bryan Street, Rochester, NY 14613. If you would like to be put on the alternate list please provide us with your name, e-mail and phone number.

Annual Homemade Gift/Talent Sale
This event benefits the Alternatives for Battered Women Center. The Center for Advocacy, Community Health, Education and Diversity at the University of Rochester is looking for individuals to donate items to be sold in the SMD atrium. This effort goes toward the annual student organized art sale to raise money for Alternatives for Battered Women services in Rochester. Money raised goes towards helping women and their families escape violence and abuse. The items can be something you make or choose to showcase a talent. It can be anything from knitting to karate lessons to cooking a meal. Items need to be ready and submitted by mid-November. For more information on what your gift would help support check out the Alternatives for Battered Women website

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