Interdisciplinary Team Teaching

The core curriculum is taught by interdisciplinary and interprofessional teams.
The teaching faculty are from both clinical and humanities disciplines at the U of R. The core curriculum is taught by healthcare providers in medicine, nursing, and other allied health fields from the Medical Center and the Division of Medical Humanities & Bioethics, and by scholars in humanities from departments of Arts, Sciences and Engineering and faculty from other healthcare and academic institutions in Rochester and the surrounding area.

Stephanie Brown Clark, MD, PhDStephanie Brown Clark, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Director, Division of Medical Humanities and Bioethics
Email: stephanie_brownclark@urmc.rochester.edu
Research Interests: History of medicine and science; literature and medicine; the role of humanities in medical education; understanding differences and diversity in healthcare.

Clayton Baker, MDClayton Baker, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Email: clayton_baker@urmc.rochester.edu
Research Interests: Literature and Medicine and its role in medical education; the application of narrative medicine skills to medical history taking; the role of humor in medical practice; teaching critical thinking skills in medical education.

Gary Chadwick, PharmD, MPHGary Chadwick, PharmD, MPH
Professor Emeritus
Email: gary_chadwick@urmc.rochester.edu
Research Interests: Research ethics, especially informed consent.

Susan Dodge Peters Daiss, MA
Senior Associate
Email: susan_daiss@urmc.rochester.edu
Research Interests: Visual arts and healthcare education; visual arts, spirituality and patient care; thanatology in the visual arts.

Richard Dees, PhDRichard Dees, PhD
Associate Professor
Email: richard.dees@rochester.edu
Research Interests: Transplant ethics; neuroethics; and public health ethics.

Richard Demme, MDRichard Demme, MD
Associate Professor
Email: richard_demme@urmc.rochester.edu
Research Interests: Ethical issues in transplantation; transplantation issues in movies; ethical issues at the end of life; history of research ethics; history of medicine; functions of hospital ethics committees.

Margie Hodges Shaw, JD, PhDMargie Hodges Shaw, JD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Email: margie_shaw@urmc.rochester.edu
Research Interests: Law and ethics in clinical decision-making, including the rights and interests of the patient, family, professions, state, and federal government; ethics of engagement; and legal and ethics education in the clinical professions.

Bernard Sussman, MDBernard Sussman, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
Email: bernard_sussman@urmc.rochester.edu
Research Interests:

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