Further information and application materials may be obtained by contacting the Program Committee, Current Students in the program, and members of the Neurobiology & Anatomy Medical School teaching faculty.

About the Program

The overall goal of the Program is to engage students in academically oriented training early in their medical education. This in turn will prepare them for comparably oriented residencies and fellowships that will ultimately lead toward faculty positions in US medical schools as physician-scientist-educators of the future.

Prior to matriculating, students entering the Program must:

  1. Identify an acceptable Mentor/Advisor
  2. Identify a Co-Advisor, if the Mentor is not a member of the Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy
  3. Obtain financial commitment from Mentor towards health insurance and partial stipend
  4. Complete GEBS office startup paperwork

Apply Now!

Please review the Admissions section for how to apply to the NBA MD-MS program.