Further information and application materials may be obtained by contacting the Program Committee, Current Students in the program, and members of the Neurobiology & Anatomy Medical School teaching faculty.


Requirements for completion of MS (32 credits or more)

The Program builds upon two major science-oriented courses taken during the first two medical school years:

  • ANA 526 – Human Structure and Function (16.0 credits)
  • ANA 525 – Mind, Brain, Behavior (8.0 credits)

Ten credits from these two medical school courses may be used toward the MS degree. Other requirements will be completed during an additional year of training beginning by July after Y2 or Y3 of the medical curriculum. Research during the summer after Y1 is strongly encouraged, though not necessarily in direct relation to the thesis project. Typical MS students will register for 12 credits per semester.

The MS requires the writing of a dissertation and the passing of an oral examination. The dissertation and the research upon which it is based typically represent a minimum of 6 and ordinarily a maximum of 12 credit hours. The dissertation must show independent work, the ability to plan and execute a study over a prolonged period, the ability to present the work in an orderly fashion, and an acquaintance with the literature of a limited field. Preparing Your Theses: A Manual for Graduate Studies is used to prepare masters theses. The dissertation must be registered with the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies of SMD and copies given to the members of the examining committee at least two weeks prior to the oral examination. The examining committee must include four faculty members including the thesis advisor. This includes at least two primary faculty from the Department of Neurobiology & Anatomy and one member from an outside department. No student may appear for the final examination without permission of his or her faculty advisor.

Sample Curriculum


  • IND 501 – Ethics & Prof Integrity in Research (1.0 credit)
  • ANA 521 – Graduate Journal Club (1.0 credit)
  • ANA 495 – Master'S Research (variable credits)
  • ANA 581 – Teaching Tutorial (3.0 credits)
  • Electives (0-4 Credits)


  • ANA 521 – Graduate Journal Club (1.0 credit)
  • ANA 522 – Student Seminar (1.0 credit)
  • ANA 495 – Master'S Research (variable credits)
  • Electives (0-4 Credits)

Totaling at least 32 credits with 10 credits from prior MD curriculum (HSF:ANA 526 & MBB: ANA 525). Combined teaching + electives ≥ 6 credits

Timeline & Landmarks

  • June: begin summer research
  • September: identify thesis committee members
  • January 1st: identify thesis project
  • June-November: defend thesis and return to Med School (extension based on Medical School elective time)

Apply Now!

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