About the Program

  • Established in 1970
  • Accredited by CEPH
  • Trains present and future health professionals from a variety of disciplines by developing an enhancing research, evaluative and planning abilities
  • Provides skills for a rational and analytic approach to problem solving from both investigative and managerial perspectives
  • Prepares graduates for roles in a wide variety of public and regulatory agencies, in profit and not-for-profit private health agencies, and in health services research

Why Public Health?

Public Health is an exciting and growing field that lets you make a real impact on the world around you. Public Health saves lives—your life, the lives of your family and friends, and the lives of people around the world.

Why Should I Pursue a Career in Public Health?

Most experts agree that major advances in improvement of health over the next decades will not come from new medical findings or cures, but rather the broader development and application of population-based prevention programs.

Health services delivery systems are undergoing rapid change. Greater emphasis is being placed on health promotion and disease prevention as a means to reduce the costs of care by improving the health of our populations. These changes have created a broad array of new opportunities for professionals with advanced training in public health.

As the public become more informed about the effects of toxic wastes and pollutants on their health, greater emphasis is being placed on assuring the safety of our communities as well as worker health and safety. As a result, there is growing demand for experts in environmental health and industrial hygiene.

Public health research is focusing more on women's health, and child and substance abuse, and an increased emphasis is being placed on behavioral change to prevent the risk of STDs, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and unplanned pregnancies. Greater emphasis is also being placed on school health and the health of minority and disadvantaged populations.

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