Academic Curriculum

Coursework is mostly completed in the first two years of the program. The curriculum consists of courses that provide a comprehensive theoretical background in to genetics, genomics, cell biology and molecular biology. A wide spectrum of advanced elective courses chosen by the student and advisor to augment topics relevant to the individual's research.

Course Program

Required Coursework Representative Electives
IND 408 Biochemistry GEN 508 Genomics and Systems Biology (alt. years with GEN 506)
IND 409 Cell Biology GEN 506 Stem Cell Biology (alt. years with GEN 508)
IND 501 Ethics & Professional Integrity BIO 426 Developmental Biology
IND 410 Molecular Biology and Genetics IND 447 Signal Transduction
GEN 507 Advanced Genetics & Genomics MBI 473 Immunology

GEN 503/504 Genetics Seminar

GEN 503/504 calendar

IND 411 Methods in Structural Biology
  IND 443 Eukaryotic Gene Organization & Expression
  MBI 456 General Virology
  PTH 507 Cancer Biology

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