About the Program

The Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Rochester offers a Ph.D. program in Health Services Research and Policy that trains students to teach and conduct independent research into the organization and delivery of health care. The program is designed to prepare students for careers in academia, government or the private sector. The program is a four-year sequence of interdisciplinary courses, research and teaching activities. Coursework includes statistics, economics, epidemiology, public policy, and research methods. Students select from courses offered at the School of Medicine and Dentistry, Simon School of Business Administration, and the College of Arts and Sciences.

The academic experience is enriched by our diverse student body who have experience and expertise in many health related fields including medicine, public health, law, health insurance, and public and private health policy. Our doctoral students have the opportunity to use the Department's unique data laboratory, which provides access to local, state, and national data, for a wide variety of research projects.

Interactions among students in the department's various educational programs<, through participation in joint courses, seminars, and other departmental activities, contributes to the unique training environment. The Ph.D. can be combined with other degrees such as the M.P.H. or M.D.

Students gain teaching experience by acting as teaching assistants for several of the department's graduate and undergraduate courses, such as: Management and Evaluation of Health Services Organizations, Medical Decision and Cost Effectiveness Analysis, and Principles of Epidemiology.

Stipends, tuition grants, training and travel expenses are provided for doctoral study from a variety of sources such as the University of Rochester Medical Center, sponsorship by departmental faculty, and dissertation grants.

For additional information, interested candidates should contact:

Peter Veazie, Ph.D.
Division of Health Policy and Outcomes Research
Department of Public Health Sciences
University of Rochester
265 Crittenden Blvd, CU 420644
Rochester, NY 14642-0644
Tel: 585-273-5464

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For more information and details on how to apply please visit the Office for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs.