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  1. Photo of Andrew Buckley

    Andrew Buckley, Ph.D.

    Role of ß-Phosphoglucomutase in Carbon Metabolism and Stress Responsiveness of Streptococcus mutans

  2. Photo of Mudit Chaand

    Mudit Chaand, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Harvard School of Public Health

    Coordinated Regulation of Pathogenic Phenotypes and Host Response by the Vibrio cholerae Type Three Secretion System

  3. Photo of Kelly Miller

    Kelly Miller, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Mass General hospital/Harvard Medical School

    Regulation and Function of Vibrio cholerae Type Three Secretion System Island Encoded Gene Products

  4. Photo of Julie Sahler

    Julie Sahler, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, University of Rochester Medical Center (Environmental Medicine)

    Platelet-derived microparticles as transcellular messengers


  1. Photo of Sarah Amie

    Sarah Amie, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Cornell University

    Replication of HIV in macrophages: Effects of SAMHD1 on dNTP levels, viral mutagenesis, and antiviral efficacy

  2. Photo of Sheila Bello-Irizarry

    Sheila Bello-Irizarry, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, University of Rochester Medical Center (Musculoskeletal)

    MyD88-Dependent Signaling Pathways Contribute to both Host Defense and Immunopathogenesis during Pneumocystis Infection

  3. Photo of Kristy Bialas

    Kristy Bialas, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Duke (Human Vaccine Institute)

    Identifying the Molecular Determinants of Influenza Virus Morphology and its Correlation with Efficiency of Viral Spread In Vitro

  4. Photo of Ryan Cummings

    Ryan Cummings, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai

    Investigation, In Situ, of the Cutaneous Dendritic Cell Response Following Ionizing Radiation Exposure

  5. Photo of Waaqo Daddacha

    Waaqo Daddacha, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Emory

    SAMHD1-mediated dNTP Pool Regulation in Macrophage: Effect on HIV-1 Reverse Transcription Kinetics and Fidelity


    • Baek Kim, Ph.D.
  6. Photo of Donna Davidson

    Donna Davidson, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

    Elucidating the role of Soluble CD40 Ligand in the Pathogenesis of HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders (HAND)

  7. Photo of Nan Deng

    Nan Deng, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, University of Rochester Medical Center (Biostatistics)

    Diversity of cytokine expression patterns in the Th1-dominated human anti-influenza CD4 T cell response is due to both stochastic expression of Th1 cytokines, and a minor population of uncommitted Thpp cells

  8. Photo of William Domm

    William Domm, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, University of Rochester Medical Center (Neonatalology)

    Optimizing Antigen Delivery Approaches for HIV Immunization

  9. Photo of David Easterhoff

    David Easterhoff, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, University of North Carolina

    Characterization of Amyloid Fibrils in Seminal Fluid and Their Interaction with Pathogens

  10. Photo of Anthony Gaca

    Anthony Gaca, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, University of Rochester Medical Center (Center for Oral Biology)

    The Physiological Significance of (p)ppGpp in Enterococcus faeccalis

  11. Photo of Joanne Lim

    Joanne Lim, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Harvard)

    Role of Interferons and Immunotherapy in Enhancing Radiation Treatment of Cancer

  12. Photo of John Muchiri

    John Muchiri, Ph.D.

    Currently: Ag. Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, Kenya Methodist University, Meru, Kenya

    HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase: Dissociation During Strand Transfer and Effects of Efavirenz on RNase H Activity

  13. Photo of Erin Noble

    Erin Noble, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Pennsylvania State University

    Influenza A Virus Replication: Biochemical Characterization of Conserved RNA Promoter Structure and PA Subunit Endonuclease Activity


    • Baek Kim, Ph.D.
  14. Photo of Nelissa Pérez-Nazario

    Nelissa Pérez-Nazario, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, University of Rochester Medical Center (Dermatology)

    Alveolar Epithelial Cell Activation of IKK2 during Pneumocystis Infection Regulates Immunity and Organism Clearance

  15. Photo of Sesquile Ramon

    Sesquile Ramon, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Brigham and Woman’s Hospital (Harvard)

    The Effects of Specialized Proresolving Lipid Mediators on B Lymphocyte Functions: Implications for B Cell Differentiation and Antibody Production

  16. Photo of Abigail Sedlacek

    Abigail Sedlacek, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, University of Pittsburgh

    Enhancing T Cell and NK Cell Mediated anti-Tumor Immune Responses Through the use of Immunotherapy

  17. Photo of Jharon Silva

    Jharon Silva, M.D., Ph.D.

    Currently: Medical School, University of Rochester Medical Center

    Modeling the Effect of HIV-1 Induced Neuroinflammation on the Cerebral Vasculature: Acute Intracranial Exposure to HIV-1 Tat Leads to Dysregulation of Cerebrovascular Reactivity, While Chronic Tat Exposure Results in Reduced Vascular Density

  18. Photo of Jackie Tung

    Jackie Tung, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Harvard)

    The regulation of CD4 T cells during adaptive immune responses in determining immunodominance

  19. Photo of Sarah Van Cor-Hosmer

    Sarah Van Cor-Hosmer, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, University of Massachusetts

    The Impact of dNTP Concentrations on the Early Stages of HIV-1 Transduction


    • Baek Kim, Ph.D.


  1. Photo of Adam Derr

    Adam Derr, Ph.D.

    Currently: Microbiologist, Generic Team II, HFV-146 FDA / CVM / ONADE / DMT

    NADH oxidase and stress responses in Streptococcus mutans: a phenotypical and regulatory characterization

  2. Photo of Emily Desmet

    Emily Desmet, Ph.D.

    Currently: Assistant Professor, Le Moyne College

    Insight into Influenza Manipulation of its Target Cell and the countermeasures Taken by the Host to Limit Infection

  3. Photo of Vincent Fong

    Vincent Fong, M.D., Ph.D.

    Currently: Intern and Resident, Internal Medicine Research Track, Case Western Reserve, Cleveland, OH

    Novel Targeting Strategies for Adenovirus Vectors: Investigating the Rad51 Promoter and Inducible Elements

  4. Photo of Kaisha Gonzalez

    Kaisha Gonzalez, Ph.D.

    Currently: Field Application Scientist, Focus Diagnostics

    DNA Base Excision Repair: a Network of Defense, Mutagenesis, and Tolerance in Streptococcus mutans

  5. Photo of Matthew Kennedy

    Matthew Kennedy, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Duke University Medical Center

    Macrophage Nucleotide Pools Uniquely Promote rNMP and dUMP Incorporation into HIV-1 DNA during Reverse Transcription: Affecting Viral Mutagenesis, Viability, and Potential Therapeutic Regimes


    • Baek Kim, Ph.D.
  6. Photo of Jie Li

    Jie Li, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, University of California San Diego

    The Non-Antibody Producing Role of B Cells in Inflammatory-Erosive Arthritis

  7. Photo of Safiehkhatoon Moshkani

    Safiehkhatoon Moshkani, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Albany Medical College

    B cells in inflamed lymph nodes: a link between inflammation and autoimmunity


    • Andrea Bottaro, Ph.D.
  8. Photo of Hristina Nedelkovska

    Hristina Nedelkovska, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, University of Rochester Medical Center (Center for Vaccine Biology and Immunology)

    Nonclassical MHC class Ib molecules: Critical players in tumor immune surveillance and potential immunotherapy targets

  9. Photo of Emilio Riaño

    Emilio Riaño, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, University of Rochester Medical Center (Micriobiology and Immunology)

    Dissecting the Multifunctional Arenavirus Nucleoprotein

  10. Photo of Brendaliz Santiago

    Brendaliz Santiago, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, University of Rochester Medical Center (Center for Oral Biology)

    Role of Aminotransferases in branched-chain amino acid metabolism: acid tolerance and fatty acid synthesis in Streptococcus mutans


  1. Photo of Maria Arevalo

    Maria Arevalo, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Vaccine & Gene Therapy Institute (VGTI) – Florida

    Syndecans Mediate Dengue Viral Infection of Endothelial Cells In Vitro

  2. Photo of Kendra Bussey

    Kendra Bussey, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Infektionsforschung (Germany)

    Identification and Characterization of Polymerase Mutations that Contribute to Influenza Adaptation to Mammalian Hosts

  3. Photo of Cristina Capella-González

    Cristina Capella-González, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus Ohio

    Alterations that influence dNTP substrate utilization by the adenovirus type 5 DNA polymerase result in selective modification of adenovirus replication

  4. Photo of Winnie Chan

    Winnie Chan, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, University of Florida

    Investigating the Function of Vaccinia Virus Protein A33 during Morphogenesis, Egress, and Infectivity

  5. Photo of Joanna Olsen

    Joanna Olsen, M.D., Ph.D.

    Currently: Resident in Anesthesiology/Critical Care Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR

    SEVI, A Natural Enhancer of HIV Infection, as a Novel Target to Prevent HIV Transmission

  6. Photo of Keith Olsen

    Keith Olsen, M.D., Ph.D.

    Currently: Resident in Dermatology, Oregon Health & Science Univ., Portland, OR

    The Role of Transglutaminase 2 in Pulmonary Fibrosis

  7. Photo of John Puskas

    John Puskas, Ph.D.

    Currently: Research Scientist, Moffitt Cancer Center

    Development and Characterization of Attenuated IL-2 Fusion Proteins that can be Activated by Tumor-Expressed Proteases

  8. Photo of Matthew Quinn

    Matthew Quinn, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Northwestern

    Investigation of the Intrinsic Antibody Dependent Enhancement Hypothesis

  9. Photo of Félix Santiago

    Félix Santiago, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, University of Texas Medical Branch – Galveston

    The use of recombinant hemagglutinin proteins in the study of vaccination against emergent influenza viruses

  10. Photo of Michael Valentino

    Michael Valentino, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Harvard

    Development of a High Throughput Approach for the Identification of T Cell Epitopes in the Genomic Era: Application to Francisella tularensis


  1. Photo of Mohammad Alam

    Mohammad Alam, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Emory University

    Vibrio cholerae Type Three Secretion System Regulators and Effectors: Identification and Role in Pathogenesis

  2. Photo of Olivia Block

    Olivia Tono Block, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, University of Rochester Medical Center (Infectious Diseases)

    Evaluation of Dengue Envelope Glycoprotein Domain III as a Subunit Vaccine Candidate for Prophylaxis of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever/Shock Syndrome

  3. Photo of Kevin Cook

    Kevin Cook, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Rochester

    The Regulation of GATA-3 Expression and Function During Th2 Differentiation

  4. Photo of Amalia Earley

    Amalia Earley, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, University of Rochester Medical Center (Pathology)

    Investigating the Role of Vaccinia Virus Protein A34 in Viral Morphogenesis and its Interaction with B5 and A33

  5. Photo of Ana Goyos

    Ana Goyos, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Stanford School of Medicine

    Evolution and Immune Functions of Nonclassical MHC Class lb Genes in the Clawed Frogs Xenopus laevis and Silurana tropicalis

  6. Photo of Vinnie Isabella

    Vinnie Isabella, Ph.D.

    Currently: Senior Scientist, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

    Genetic and Biochemical Analysis of NsrR, a Nitric Oxide-Responsive Repressor in Neisseria gonorrhoeae

  7. Photo of Michelle Kiebala

    Michelle Kiebala, Ph.D.

    Currently: Research Assistant Professor, University of Rochester Medical Center (Microbiology & Immunology)

    The Regulation of GATA-3 Expression and Function During Th2 Differentiation

  8. Photo of Eric LoVullo

    Eric LoVullo, Ph.D.

    Currently: Research Associate, US Department of Agriculture

    Genetic Manipulation of the Biological Threat Agent Francisella tularensis

  9. Photo of Tam Quach

    Tam Quach, Ph.D.

    Currently: Visiting Scientist, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (Germany)

    Characterization of human anergic naïve B cells with decreased expression of surface IgM


    • Ignacio Sanz, M.D.
  10. Photo of Chris Richardson

    Chris Richardson, M.D., Ph.D.

    Currently: Resident in Dermatology, Strong Memorial Hospital, University of Rochester

    A Study of the Molecular Characteristics of 9G4+ Autoantibodies and of B cell Tolerance in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus


    • Ignacio Sanz, M.D.
  11. Photo of Bess Sorensen

    Bess Sorensen, Ph.D.

    Currently: Postdoc, Harvard

    Mechanisms of Intratumoral Vascular and Immune Alteration via Local Cytokine Treatment of Melanoma

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