Graduate Recruitment Committee


To sustain and enhance the Department recruitment of top-quality graduate students through:

  1. Implementation of a targeted outreach/partnership program with outstanding undergraduate colleges.
  2. Development of programs to enhance the social and scientific experience for our graduate students.
  3. Promotion and oversight of Graduate Interview weekends aka “Dean’s Day”.



Portrait of Deborah Fowell, Ph. D.

Dr. Deborah Fowell


Portrait of Andrea Sant, Ph. D.

Dr. Andrea Sant


Portrait of Michelle Dziejman, Ph. D.

Dr. Michelle Dziejman

Portrait of Marty PAvelka, Ph. D.

Dr. Martin Pavelka


Portrait of Sanjay Maggirwar, Ph. D.

Dr. Sanjay Maggirwar

Portrait of Brian Ward, Ph. D.

Dr. Brian Ward