Pathology Graduate Student Council

2014 Council


Allison Light

Vice President

Jenna Frame



Brad Mills

Lunch Seminar Series Committee

Chris Farnsworth

Mike Wilson

IT and PR Liaison

Zachary Murphy

Social Chair

Eric Schott


2012 - 2013 Council


John Varrone

Vice President

Mike Moses


Mike Wilson

Admissions Representative

Mike Moses

Social Chair

Haobin Ye

Outreach Committee

Allison Light

Members at Large

1st year - Robert Hoff,Haiqing Bai,Chi-Wen(Roger) Lo,Chris Farnsworth

2nd year - Mary Jaynes,Brad Mills,Pei-Lun Weng

3rd year - Jenna Frame,Jon Cherry,Rialnat(Bisi) Lawal

4th year - Ayse Kizilyer

5th year - Kate Ho,Laura Nguyen, Sara Montgomery,Julie Smith

6th year - Angela Aggrey


Pathology Graduate Lunch Seminar

12:00 - 1:00

Upcoming Seminars

Upcoming seminars for Fall 2014 will be posted September 2014

Previous Seminars

Ben Frisch & Scott Peslak, Journal Club: Dutt et al, Blood, March 3, 2011, vol. 117, no. 9 2567-2576, Haploinsufficiency for Ribosomal Protein Genes causes Selective Activation of p53 in Human Erythroid Progenitor Cells

Stephen Welle, PhD, Application of High-throughput DNA or RNA Sequencing and Other Services at the Functional Genomics Center

Angela Aggrey & John Varrone, Journal Club, Hinnebusch et al, Infection and Immunity, Dec 2011, 79(12):4984-4989, The Role of the Yersinia pestis Ail Protein in Preventing a Protective Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte Response during Bubonic Plague

I-H. Fiona Kuo & H-Y. Warner Chen, Our Trip to Sweden: Tracing the Light into the Wild

Allison Light & Brad Mills, Journal Club, Calignano et al, Nature. 1998 Jul 16; 394(6690):277-81, Control of Pain Initiation by Endogenous Cannabinoids

Mustimbo Robert, PhD, PWD Graduate

Applying for an Industry Postdoc & Making the \Transition: A Conversation

Hank Lin, PhD, PWD Graduate, Senior Scientist, Pfizer Inc

Working in Big Pharma: An Update

Tim Bushnell

Chalk Talk, Everything Flow

Dr. Josh Munger

CV Writing & Starting a Lab

Dr. Mary Maida, CEO, Medingen

Managing and Marketing Your Intellectual Property

Alicia Clementi, PhD, PWD Graduate

Clinical Research Postdoc: One Path Away from the Bench

Artitro Sen, PhD, The Trail to the Holy Grail: Chalk Talks, A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery

Inside an Enigma