Alumni Careers

Many exciting career opportunities are available to our PhD students. Some of our graduates initially move to a postdoctoral fellowship or other positions in academia, while others go directly into positions of responsibility within research institutes, governmental agencies, and chemical or pharmaceutical companies. Here are some examples of positions our alumni currently hold (2005-present).

2013 Graduates

Joshua Allen Research Assistant Professor/University of Rochester
Brittany (Serke) Baisch Toxicologist/Kraft Foods
Eric Beier Postdoctoral Fellow/Univ of Rochester
Bradley Buczynski Staff Toxicologist/WIL Research Laboratories
Daniel Dever Postdoctoral Fellow/Stanford University
John Lapek Postdoctoral Fellow/Harvard
David McMillan Postdoctoral Fellow/University of Vermont

2012 Graduates

Melissa Badding Assoc. Service Fellow/NIOSH
Whitney Christian Health Scientist/ChemRisk
Joseph Frasca Sr. Toxicologist/ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences
Casey Manning Postdoctoral Fellow/University of Michigan
Chia Thach Postdoctoral Fellow/University of South Florida

2011 Graduates

Fanny Casado-Pena Postdoctoral Fellow/McMaster University
Jon Holz Assistant Professor/D’youville College
Hsien Ming Kung Sr. Toxicologist/ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences
Sarah Latchney Postdoctoral Fellow/U of UT Southwestern Med. Center
Michael Madejczyk Postdoctoral Fellow/University of Rochester
Jennifer (Head) Wheeler Scientist/Bristol-Myers Squibb

2010 Graduates

David Adenuga Advanced. Toxicologist/ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences
Samuel Caito Postdoctoral Fellow/Albert Einstein College of Medicine

2009 Graduates

Jamie (O’Brien) Bernard Postdoctoral Fellow/Rutgers State University
Xianglu Han Project Toxicologist/ARCADIS U.S. Inc.
Brent Kobielush Toxicologist Manager/General Mills Inc.
Sara (Saperstein) Sebag Postdoctoral Fellow/Vanderbilt University
Zhengyu Yin Project Toxicologist/ARCADIS U.S. Inc.

2008 Graduates

Heather Ferguson Toxicologist/Abbott Laboratories
Na Li Pharmacy Student/St. John Fisher College

2007 Graduates

Julian Castaneda Veterinary and Facility Director/U of California, San Francisco
Sean Gehen Sr. Toxicologist/Dow Agro Sciences
Rosemarie Marchan Scientist/Leibniz Research Center, Germany
John Norman Sr. Toxicologist/ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences
Erik Rushton Senior Toxicologist/LyondellBasell Corp., The Netherlands
Peter Vitiello Research Scientist/Sanford Health, Sioux Falls, SD
Zhihui Zhong Assoc. Professor/Sichuan University West China Hospital

2006 Graduates

David Farrer Public Health Toxicologist/Oregon Office of Public Health
Carissa Filbrandt-Childs Attorney at Law/LeClairRyan
Geniece Lehmann Toxicologist/U.S. EPA
Yu Agnes Luo Postdoctoral Fellow/National Institute of Health
Elizabeth Ryan Asst. Professor/Colorado State University
Tara (Arndt) Wenger, MD/PhD Asst Professor of Pediatrics/Seattle Children's Hospital

2005 Graduates

Donna Wai Ling Lee Assoc. Scientist/Genetech Inc.
David Lehmann Principal Investigator/U.S. EPA
Pheona Radcliffe Sr. Assoc. Scientist/Mondelez International
Jason Roper Sr. Research Toxicologist/Dupont Haskell Global Center
Madhuri Singal Manager/Respiratory Sciences, Res. Inst. For Fragrance Materials
Mary Williamson VP of Scientific Affairs & Laboratory Operations/ACM Global Central Labs