The period of appointment for scholars participating in this post-baccalaureate program is generally for one year, but may be up to two years. Upon completion of the program, it is expected that PREP trainees will be strongly encouraged to apply for admission to the graduate program at the University of Rochester. Trainees will participate in training activities that will include:

  1. Performance of research in microbiology, virology or immunology, in an employer-employee relationship (i.e., all trainees will be employed as full-time laboratory technicians under the mentorship of a program faculty member, at a salary of $24,000 per year). A major focus will be on achieving research independence in a manner that goes beyond the experience of the "typical" laboratory technician. Thus, all trainees will be expected to develop independent research projects which will be conducted in a closely supervised/mentored environment, with input from both faculty and peer mentors, and external oversight from a Supervisory Committee.

  2. Participation in an individually-tailored and tightly focussed academic program of study. Each trainee will have the opportunity to take a limited number of classes, including courses with highly restricted enrollment that are normally not made available to technicians.

  3. Ancillary training and enrichment activities not normally available to lab. technicians. This will include: participation in a PREP seminar series (with speakers to be invited and hosted by PREP trainees); career/professional development workshops (e.g., GRE preparation course, career roundtables); training in scientific communication; attendance at national research meetings; and an annual retreat/symposium.

  4. Emphasis on training in scientific communication skills. This will take the form of required coursework (Microbiology Student Seminar), and professional training (presentations at national research meetings); see above. In addition, all PREP trainees will be required to deliver a formal oral presentation on their research work each year at an annual program retreat/symposium.

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