Scientific Reasoning in Medicine (SRM) Journal Club

The Scientific Reasoning in Medicine (SRM) course consists of a two-part journal club held one or two times each month throughout the academic year. The purposes of these sessions are to keep MSTP students engaged in basic science and to encourage students to consider translational implications of research during the first two years of medical school. In addition, SRM exposes MSTP students to potential research mentors.

Schedule 2014 - 2015

Dates Presenter Department(s) / Topic
  • Aug 22nd
  • 25th
Marc W. Halterman, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics
  • Sep 5th
  • 8th
Lizabeth M. Romanski, Ph.D., Associate Chair and Associate Professor of Neurobiology & Anatomy
Audiovisual processing in the prefrontal cortex and its potential role in autism
  • Sep 19th
  • 22nd
Dmitri N. Ermolenko, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Biophysics and Biology
Upregulation of protein synthesis in cancer
  • Oct 10th
  • 13th
W. Richard Burack, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Evolution of Tumors-intratumoral heterogeneity
  • Oct 31st
  • Nov 3rd
Steven R. Gill, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Microbiology & Immunology
Genomics, Metagenomics and Infectious Disease
  • Nov 14th
  • 17th
Duje Tadin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Suppressive neural mechanisms: from perception to intelligence
  • Dec 12th
  • 15th
Lei Xu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biomedical Genetics and Dermatology
  • Jan 23rd
  • 26th
Deborah Fowell, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Microbiology & Immunology
Immune Dynamics in the Skin: A Regulated Balance Between Protection and Pathology
  • Feb 13th
  • 16th
Joseph M. Miano, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Medicine and Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
A CRISPR Approach to Treating Human Genetic Diseases
  • Feb 27th
  • Mar 2nd
Diane Dalecki, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Ultrasound for Imaging and Therapy
  • Mar 6th
  • 9th
Jian Zhu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Biophysics and Microbiology & Immunology
Aiming for a Cure: Strategies for Eradication of HIV-1 Latent Reservoirs
  • Mar 27th
  • 30th
Dirk Bohmann, Ph.D., Professor of Biomedical Genetics
Cool news from Dirk’s Lab
  • Apr 17th
  • 20th
Jennifer J. Hunter, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Ophthalmology
High Resolution Retinal Imaging