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Bruker ER 200D-SRC EPR Spectrometer System

Bruker ER 200D-SRC EPR Spectrometer System

    • The electro-magnet is 10-inches in diameter with a 3.75-inch gap, capable of 6 kilogauss
    • The magnet is cooled by a NESLAB HX-100 recirculator closed system
    • The microwave bridge is a Bruker klystron source with the operating frequencies between 9.0 – 10.0 GHz with a maximum microwave output power of 200 mW
    • The microwave cavities are Varian cavities. The Bruker system has been modified to use various cavities including homebuilt types
    • The system includes a Janis 10DT Supervaritemp cryostat with Beryllium windows for x-ray doses and measurements at 4K. There is an optical window in the rear for viewing or for Uv-vis-IR sample irradiation
    • There is a Varian Variable Temperature System attached for creating temperatures above RT to near 77K

    75-kilovolt X-Ray Generator

    75-kilovolt X-Ray Generator

    This x-ray source will supply, at maximum, 10 kGy/min to a sample at a distance of one-cm from the exit window face when operating the tube at 70-kV, 20 mA. The x-ray tube is a Varian/Eimac OEG-76H using a tungsten filament. The x-ray beam is of the axial type exiting the tube along the tube axis. There is a spare x-ray tube included. Full documentation is included showing drawings, schematics, cooling system and electrical modifications to the system.

    The system contains the following items:

    • An OEG-76H/W axial tungsten target, water-cooled, 1400-watt tube and one spare tube
    • A modified Hipotronics 75-kV positive source power-supply
    • Two Haskris recirculation water coolers
    • A shielded radiation box (32" x 10" x 11") for samples
    • Dose/minute @ one-cm distance is 10 kGy
    • A dose/distance calibrated sample holding fixture

    Varian E-12 EPR Spectrometer System

    Varian E-12 EPR Spectrometer System

    This system was designed for use in studying the characteristics of conduction bands and trapped electrons in metals and semi-conductors, color centers, chemical kinetics, electron exchange rates, molecular structures, unpaired electron wave functions, and electrostatic fields of transition element ions.

  • The electro-magnet is a 12-inch, dia. with a 3-inch, gap capable of fields above 13 kilogauss
  • The magnet is cooled by a NESLAB HX-500 recirculator closed system
  • There are two RF microwave bridges an X-band and a Q-band
  • The system has several RF cavities a Varian (X) dual-cavity, a Varian (X) rotating cavity, a Varian (X) flat-cell cavity and a Q-band cylindrical cavity
  • The system is capable, in the Q-band configuration, of operation from RT to 4K with the ability to receive X-ray doses at these temperatures using a Janis Supervaritemp, optical window, cryostat.
  • There is a Beryllium window for X-irradiation of samples at the range of temperatures listed. The sample is then raised into the epr cavity for measurement at this same temperature
  • The radiation dose from the 75 kV x-ray source at the sample inside the cryostat at 4K is O.75 kGy/minute
  • CVC Helium Leak Detector

    CVC Helium Leak Detector

    • The unit is a Consolidated Electrodynamics Corporation model 24-120A, Helium mass spectrometer
    • The vacuum system contains an air-cooled oil diffusion pump backed by a WELCH Duo-seal model 1400 pump
    • The system can be used as a sniffer or as a probe
    • There is a complete manual included and a number of spare parts
    • This detector is used to service the cryostats by locating leaks in the window seals, welds or connection seals

    Varian - Cary Spectrophotometer

    • Uv/vis spectrophotometer, model 100 BIO
    • Powered by Cary-Win software
    • Temperature controlled peltier thermostatted cell holders
    • Cary scan package: Math module, simple reads, Instrument Validation

    Waters 2690 Separations Module & Waters 996 Photodiode Array Detector

    • For high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) for all separation functions

    Bio-Rad Fluor-S MultiImager MAX2

    • Detects all HRP-activated substrates
    • Detects all AP-activated substrates
    • Performs high-sensitivity detection of chemifluorescent substrates
    • Compatible with extensive range of fluorescent dyes and labels
    • Performs true multicolor fluorescence imaging with a choice of eight (8) emission filter positions
    • Perform high-quality imaging and analysis of 1- and 2-D gels, blots and autoradiograms
    • Detects numerous colorimetric stains