Environmental Health Sciences Center

Environmental Health Sciences Center

Environmental Health Sciences Center

Supporting basic and clinical research on the modulation of disease processes by environmental and occupational agents

The Environmental Health Sciences Center (EHSC) is one of the "Centers of Excellence" sponsored by the NIEHS (P30 ES01247). The Center was established in 1975 and emphasizes the study of  "Environmental Agents as Modulators of Human Disease and Dysfunction." Its major goal is to discover and describe the underlying mechanisms of action of toxic substances. The Center is committed to translating research findings to improve public health. The EHSC’s Community Outreach and Engagement Core provides a link between community members’ questions, concerns and interests and the center’s environmental health research.

The broad goals of this Center are to establish innovative programs of excellence in environmental health sciences by providing scientific and programmatic support, and to enhance the career development of talented environmental health investigators.

Drawing on the resources of the University of Rochester Medical Center, the EHSC, which is a component of the Department of Environmental Medicine, provides the framework to generate novel research findings and then convert these into critical information, resources, and tools that can be used by public health officials, medical professionals, and the community to prevent disease and improve public health.

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Environmental Health Sciences Center
Department of Environmental Medicine
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