The URGRC works with an excellent academic microarray lab in Albany to improve turnaround time and to hold the line on costs. This change does not affect how you submit samples or interact with us for planning your studies or getting assistance with data analysis. We will check your samples for RNA quality (or extract RNA for you for an extra fee), order Affymetrix arrays, ship the samples and arrays for processing, and put together a summary of normalized data for you, all for the same subsidized fees we have been charging for the last few years. This collaboration with the Albany lab also allows you to choose Agilent arrays rather than Affymetrix, something that we could not assist you with in the past.

If you are interested in Illumina bead arrays, a lower-cost option for larger projects, we have been pleased with the service provided by Asuragen, a commercial microarray service. Illumina arrays could reduce your costs about 30% compared to the most frequently used Affymetrix arrays.

RNA-Seq is less expensive than arrays and is becoming even more cost effective.  Additionally, RNA-seq will give you the highest quality gene expression data while allowing for more versatility. For more information on RNA-seq, see (link to the High-Throughput Sequencing page).

For any questions regarding microarray services, please contact us.


Sample Requirements

Affymetrix – 5ng total RNA

Asuragen – 75ng total RNA

Agilent – 100ng total RNA


Affymetrix Fees

Lab Processing Fee - $250 project fee + $350 (>100ng RNA) or $400 (<100ng RNA) processing fee per sample, includes bioanalyzer QC of total RNA, all processing, and basic data analysis *does not include cost of array

3’IVT Arrays (Human U133 Plus 2.0, Mouse 430 2.0) - $400 per array

Gene 1.0 ST Arrays (Human, Mouse, Rat) - $175 per array

Gene 2.0 ST Arrays (Human and Mouse) - $175 per array

Exon 1.0 ST Arrays (Human and Mouse) - $400 per array

*other species may be lower in cost; please contact us for specific prices