Downloading and Viewing Your Data

  1. Download and install a viewing program. To view your sequencing data, you will need to download and install a program that is capable of opening the chromatogram file.
    1. Log in to dnaLIMS. On the menu page, click on the Support Tools button. Download to your computer Sequence Scanner Software v1.0. Use this to view and edit your traces, compare chromatograms and raw data to analyze trace quality. Sequence Scanner.pdf
    2. We also recommend FinchTV, which is an easy-to-use application available for both a PC and a Mac.

    *Text data (.seq files) can be opened in any text editing program (e.g., Notepad or WordPad).

  2. Retrieve sequencing results. When your sequencing order has been completed, you will receive an e-mail notification from Nucleic Acid Services. You can then download your data:
    1. Log in to dnaLIMS.
    2. Click "Retrieve Your DNA Results."
    3. Select the appropriate order and click Submit.
  3. Download and view data.
    1. Click either the "Text" or "Chromat" button to download either individual files or all files at once (buttons at top of page).
    2. For PCs: Right mouse click the desired file and choose "Save Link As."
    3. For Macs: Hold down the Control Key, click mouse on the desired file name, and select "Save Linked File As."
    4. View data by first opening the viewing program and then open the file from where you saved it on your computer

Other sequence analysis software:





For questionsof feedback regarding DNA Sequencing services, please contact us.