Fluorescent DNA Fragment Analysis

General Information

  • Instrumentation: Applied Biosystems 3730 Genetic Analyzer
  • Supported Fluorescent Dye Labels (G5 matrix): 6FAM VIC NED PET
  • Size Standard: liZ 500; ability to size fragments 50-500 bp within +/- 0.5
  • Service Includes: Preparation of your PCR samples using HiDi Formamide with liZ 500 size standard and capillary electrophoresis run on the ABI 3730

Optional Sample Preparation Services*

*Note: The optional sample preparation services are not included in the Genetic Fragment Analysis Pricing. See our Pricing page for complete information.

Sample Submission

  • Fluorescent labeled PCR samples must be pooled and/or diluted prior to submission; submit 2uL to URGRC in an Abgene 96-well PCR plate or in 1.5mL microfuge tubes. (Please contact Michelle Zanche if you are a first time user. The URGRC can assist you in optimizing sample dilutions.)
  • Enter order on our DNALims system, place samples and form in a Ziploc bag and drop-off in 4C Refrigerator (Medical Center Ground Floor, room G-7814).

Data Retrieval and Analysis

  • The URGRC staff will email your .fsa data files for analysis.
  • ABI GeneMapper software is necessary to analyze the .fsa files; the software is available at no charge on the URGRC public workstation. For instructions on how to access URGRC's public workstation go to our General Information page.
  • For assistance using GeneMapper software, please contact us.

More Information

For further information, please contact us.