Next Generation Sequencing (HiSeq2500)

*All pricing effective March 1, 2014 and subject to change.

**Prices reflective of University of Rochester internal usage, external pricing is available.  Contact us for more information.


***Work done at the GRC that will be charged to a non-federal grant will continue to receive the subsidized rate, but will charged overhead in addition to established rate, as per OMB Circular A-21 Guidelines. Indirect costs are costs that cannot be directly linked to the service being provided (overhead such as space, depreciation, administrative personnel, etc.). The University of Rochester’s negotiated federal F&A rate is 53.5%. The overhead chargeback for core lab services is encouraged by NIH, and is common practice at similar research institutions. For more information please see Section 5 in the link below.***



Library Preparation

Library preparation
Cost per sample High Throughput rate per sample
TruSeq mRNA-seq $234.00 n/a
TruSeq Stranded mRNA-seq $306.00 n/a

TruSeq Total stranded RNA-seq

(Human, Mouse, Rat)

$381.00 n/a
TruSeq Small RNA-seq $360.00 n/a

Low input RNA-seq

(Clontech SMARTer Technology)

$315.00 * n/a
TruSeq DNA-seq (nano kit) $286.00 n/a
ChIP-seq $292.00 n/a
Large insert Mate Pair (Gel-Free) $337.00 n/a

Large insert Mate Pair (Gel-Plus)

$652.00 n/a
Nextera XT $184.00 n/a
Whole Genome Bisulphite (WGBS) $287.00 n/a
TruSeq PCR Free DNA $286.00 n/a

* Includes library preparation.



High Output Run (~8 week turnaround)*#

Single End Read (SER)

SER Cost per lane
1 x 50 $1,447.00
1 x 100 $1,651.00
1 x 150 $2,183.00

Pair End Read (PER)

PER Cost per lane
2 x 50 $2,052.00
2 x 100 $2,544.00
2 x 150 $3,212.00


Contact us for information regarding run option for your given application

* Turnaround time depends on sample queue at time of submission and is subject to change based on demand.

** Sequencing costs include basic data analysis:

  • Demultiplexing
  • Read processing (filtering based on complexity and end trimming based on quality scores)
  • Mapping to reference genome
  • Differential expression analysis

Additional analysis support can be provided.  Contact us for more information.

# Turnaround time is based on date of sample submission.


Bioanalyzer Analysis

Sample Type Chip Amount Required


(per sample)

RNA Nano 25 - 500ng/ul $12.00
RNA Pico 0.05 - 25ng/ul $12.00

Small RNA


Small RNA 1 - 100ng/ul (total RNA)l or 1 - 20ng/ul (enriched for small RNA) $34.00


(50bp - 7kb)

High Sensitivity 5 - 500pg/ul $25.00


(25bp - 1kb)

DNA1000 0.5 - 50ng/ul Inquire


(100bp - 12kb)

DNA12000 0.5 - 50ng/ul Inquire

* 10 samples per chip.


RNA Extraction/Purification

Trizol RNA Extraction - $25.00/sample*

Qiagen RNeasy Plus - $25.00/sample*

Dnase Treatment - $22.00/sample

* Does not Include quality assessment


DNA Extraction/Purification

Qiagen DNeasy Kit - $25.00/sample*

* Does not Include quality assessment


Quantitative PCR

Service Cost Quantity
ABI High Capacity Reverse Transcription $8.50 Sample
Nugen WT-Ovation PicoSL Kit (RNA Amplification) $60.00 Sample
qPCR Reaction Set-up (Does not include Primers And Probe) $2.00 Well
qPCR Reaction Set-up (Using FGC Endogenous Control Assay) $2.50 Well
7900 Instrument Run Fee $60.00 Plate
ABI Microfluidic Card (TLDA) Set-up And Run On 7900 (Does not include TLDA) $80.00 TLDA

Micro Array Analysis

Service Cost Quantity
Processing Fee, preparation with NuGEN (<100ng) $400.00 Sample + $250 project fee
Processing Fee, preparation with Ambion (>100ng) $360.00 Sample + $250 project fee
Affymetrix 3' IVT Genechips, most common species $400.00 Array
Affymetrix Gene 2.0 ST Genechips, most common species $175.00 Array