Real Time PCR—Instrument Run Only

General Information

  • Instrumentation: Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 12K Real-time PCR system.
  • Applications: Absolute Quantification, Relative Gene Expression, Allelic Discrimination for SNP genotyping, digital PCR
  • Available Formats: 96-well or 384-well plates
  • Customer Provides: Prepared96- or 384-well reaction plate and Real Time PCR request form
  • Service Includes: Instrument run and data upload

Optional Assay Order Services*

  • Primers and probes can be special ordered through Applied Biosystems (ABI)
  • Order requests can be placed through Michelle Zanche.

Optional Sample Preparation Services*

  • RNA extractions (includes Bioanalyzer analysis)
  • Bioanalyzer analysis of customer prepared RNA
  • cDNA synthesis (requires previous Bioanalyzer analysis)
  • RNA amplification (NuGEN WT-Ovation)
  • Real Time PCR assay optimization and validation

Sample Submission

  • If you require sample preparation services, please submit appropriate form.
  • Create a Real Time LIMS request form.
  • Click for instructions on using Real Time PCR LIMS for submitting your prepared reaction plate
  • If using SYBR green, please submit a melting curve file in addition to your .sds run file (link to SYBR rq melting curve).
  • Place your 384-well reaction plate and LIMS form in a Ziploc bag and submit to the 4°C refrigerator (MED G-7814).

Data Retrieval and Analysis

*Note: The optional services are not included in the Real Time PCR pricing. See our Pricing page for complete information.

For questions regarding Real Time PCR services, please contact us.