Sample Submission Guidelines

Sample Drop-off Location

Medical Center Ground Floor, Room G-7814 (near Photography)

Map to dropoff

Note: A University badge is required to access drop-off room. All samples must be in a Ziploc bag (secondary container).

Sample Pick-up Times

Medical Center Pick-up : 3pm Monday - Friday

CVRI Pick-up: 2pm Monday - Friday

Your samples will be picked up at the drop-off location at the specified times. They will be safely delivered via courier to the URGRC staff for processing.


4°C Refrigerator -80°C Freezer
DNA Sequencing SamplesAll RNA
Real Time PCR PlatesTissues/Cells
Fragment Analysis SamplesFor RNA Extraction
cDNA Samples For qPCR
DNA Samples - SNP MicroarrayFrozen cDNA Samples For qPCR
Tail Clips for Genotyping

Request Forms

To ensure prompt turnaround, please provide all the requested information for each submission form. 

**All samples will be stored at the GRC for 2 weeks after project completion.  Please indicate on the submission sheet if you wish to have your samples returned to you or discarded.**