In the Spotlight:

2nd Annual Patient Day Update from September 25, 2009


Thanks to the contributions of all who attended, the 2nd Annual Fields Center Patient Day was another success!  Held at the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester, attendees were treated to a day of stimulating clinical and research discussions, good food and fine art.


2nd Annual Patient Day


At the end of the day, we were pleased to see that – for the second straight year – the conference received rave reviews from participants.  Please forgive us for proudly reporting the following reflections gleaned from a post-meeting satisfaction survey: 

  • We asked participants to rate our speakers on a scale of 1 (Poor) to 4 (Excellent).  100% of speakers received an average rating score of Excellent!

  • 100% of those responding indicated that they would return for a future conference. 

  • 100% of those responding said they would recommend that other people attend a future Fields Center Patient Day as well.

  • Lastly, the conference was received an overall rating of Excellent, considering the topics presented, relevance to our patients and family members, conference location and facility amenities, etc. 

WOW!  We are grateful for that level of support.  We can honestly say that the day is “driven” by the people that attend the meeting.  So, to our guests, we say, “Thank YOU and well done!”

Unfortunately, some of our friends were unable to attend this year.  Before the conference, some of our invited guests expressed regret that they were unable to attend this year’s meeting, yet they wanted to hear from our experts.  While there is no substitute for hearing the information first-hand, we are pleased to be able to post the slide presentations from this Patient Day on the Fields Center website.  To access these materials, click here.  The Fields Center Directors offer special words of thanks to our presenters for sharing their expertise!   

We hope to see you at next fall’s meeting - we welcome our returning folks as well as new ones!  Keep checking our website for dates and meeting details.  More information as it becomes available.


Best wishes,

Rabi Tawil, MD                                       Silvere van der Maarel, PhD

       Director                                                              Co-Director



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