February 4 - March 30 - Registration deadline Jan 30

UR ready to:

- lose weight

- be fit

- overcome your obstacles

- live the life you want


Non members pay $43 (a value of over $150) and get:

- Membership at Fitness Center for 8 weeks with fitness classes  - $49

- Weekly 30 minute educational/workout sessions - $70

- Weekly weigh-ins and also shirt check in sessions to talk about how you are doing

- A personal training session - $20

- A dietary consult with a personalized meal plan - $30

* Also a begginer series of classes, food & activity logs and the option of body measurement




Want a partner to keep you accountable? For the first time, we are offering a partner edition! (Partner rates are cheaper than 2 individual)

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Presentation from kickoff

Weight Loss Presentation- Lauren Shore, Dietary Intern

The 7 secrets to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle - Lauren Hunziker

Intuitive Eating Presentation-Emily Clairmont, Dietary Intern

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