Personal Training

Michael Washington

MichaelMichael is a Cooper Institute Masters Certified Fitness Specialist. While he can assist almost anyone, he particularly loves using resistance machines and free weights to enhance strength and endurance. He also enjoys providing post-rehab guidance. Michael is a real-life example of the positive benefits of regular long-term exercise programs and uses his personal experiences to further enhance his clients workouts.

Rates, Scheduling & A Special Offer

Still not convinced that personal training is right for you? When you join we'll give you a free personal training session (consult) to check it out. After that, you can purchase and schedule sessions at the Pro Shop. Sessions start at $16.00, but packages can save you up to 14%.

Call (585) 275-2437 to make an appointment.

Personal Training - Fall Special - Open to non-members

Non-members can get 4 training sessions for only $40! This includes one consultation and three on-the-floor sessions. *This offer is open to any UR affiliate – including children ages 16 and up.

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