Welcome to the Coder Training Modules!

To view the " Birth Coder Training Modules"select the "Coder Training Module" option on the left side of this page. Contact Dawn Lafferty for a copy of the medical record.

If you have any questions or problems contact Dawn_Lafferty..

Once you have completed the exercises,scan them into an e-mail or fax them back to Dawn at 585-424-1469 for review and feed back.

To make the best use of this training we encourage you to complete each class in the following order:

  • Read Class Presentation slides
  • Complete the Coder fax training exercises
  • Complete the scenario exercise(s)
  • Complete the Module specific Evaluation, faxing or emailing the completed evaluation to Dawn_Lafferty@urmc.rochester.edu or to Dawn's attention at fax # (585) 424-1469.
    (We will use these evaluations to identify areas where the training can be improved.)
  • Read extra training materials, when available

Once you have completed one module you are encouraged to move onto the next module until all modules have been reviewed.

If at any time you have questions about any aspect of this training, please feel free to contact Dawn Lafferty.

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