Data Sharing Guidelines

Perinatal Data System (PDS) data is collected and used at designated hospitals and within the community for quality assurance, program planning and research purposes. Data is available for the years 1998 to present and is released according to the region's Data Access Policy. Persons interested in analyzing de-identified regional data or receiving a summary report may file a request by clicking on the appropriate data request form below, printing and signing the form and then faxing it to Joseph Duckett at (585) 424-1469. Questions regarding the data should be directed to Dawn Lafferty

All variables collected in the PDSCore Module between 1998 and present are available for your review in the PDS Data Dictionary. The 2004-present data collection form Work Booklet is also available.

Changes were made by New York State to the variables being collected beginning January 1, 2004. Data guidelines for the information currently being collected are available in the New York State Guidelines 2010.

New York State Guidelines are occasionally updated. Contact your hospital birth certifier for the latest verion of the guidelines. To identify who your hospital's birth certifier is, check the

Birth Coder Contact List

All variables collected in the NICU module are described in the User's Guide for Data Collection. The forms used to collect these data are the NICU Worksheet (1) and NICU Worksheet (2).

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