Contract Work Plans

Priority #1: QA/QI Activities – objectives, activities, responsible staff, timeframes, outcomes and methods of evaluation

  • Periodic on-site quality of care visits to each affiliate which include the review of:
    1. Available perinatal data
    2. The affiliate’s internal quality assurance program, policies, & procedures
    3. Care provided by medical, nursing, & other health care practitioners
    4. The appropriateness & timeliness of maternal & newborn referrals and transfers, as well as the outcomes of patients retained at the affiliate hospital who met the criteria for transfer to a higher level of care
    5. Adverse perinatal events & outcomes such as fatalities, morbidity, nosocomial infections, and high-risk procedures
    6. Pathology related to all deaths & significant surgical specimens
    7. The effectiveness of any plans for correcting quality of care problems
  • Review & identification of problems: review of data, adverse outcomes, transports and non-transports, and the affiliates internal QA/QI activities
  • Solutions/recommendations and their effectiveness
  • Outreach and education including identification of needs
  • Attending level perinatal consultations
  • Development, updating, and implementing affiliation agreements
  • Patient transport

Priority #2: SPDS – objectives, activities, responsible staff, timeframes, outcomes and methods of evaluation

  • Support and maintenance of RPDS (upstate only)
  • For upstate RPCs, provide ongoing TA with maintenance & use of RPDS for appropriate affiliate staff until implementation of full SPDS is achieved
  • Assess capability of RPC and affiliates to implement SPDS
  • Identify and enroll users/operators
  • Provide initial training to RPC/affiliate staff
  • Provide comprehensive training to RPC/affiliate staff, including the NICU module
  • Provide ongoing training and support to affiliate, including quality of data checks and quarterly user meetings
  • Incorporate the use of SPDS & other appropriate data in internal & external QI activities
  • Provide appropriate data reports for affiliates & RPFs to identify new & emerging trends and issues

Priority #3: Regional Perinatal Forum – objectives, activities, responsible staff, timeframes, outcomes and methods of evaluation

  • If applicable, serve as co-chair of the RPF
  • Collaborate with CPPSNs to organize and ensure representation of stakeholders
  • Periodic RPF meetings, at least quarterly
  • Review analyses of aggregate regional data derived either from the SPDS when available or from other sources
  • Identify gaps in services/access to services
  • Identify training & education needed by providers & consumers and the resources available to meet those needs
  • Develop a Regional Action Plan
  • Work with stakeholders to implement the Regional Action Plan
  • Evaluate the implementation of the Regional Action Plan
  • Communicate regional needs and issues to the State Perinatal Forum (& in NYC, to the City-wide forum) when developed
  • Make data/reports available to RPF and members

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