Dr. Arthur Moss


The advancement of medical science requires basic investigation into the mechanisms of disease, improvement in clinical diagnosis and risk stratification, and development and testing of new therapies to substantiate their safety and efficacy. The Heart Research Follow-up Program (HRFUP) is committed to these fundamental principles in the study of patients with cardiovascular disorders in order to save lives, stamp out disease, and relieve pain and suffering.

Our research is patient-based and disease-oriented, with the application of new and innovative approaches that extend from the gene to the bedside in an effort to uncover the secrets of nature. By expanding our understanding of cardiac disease, we will be in a better position to contribute to the advancement of clinical cardiology.

Our research includes the study of healthy subjects as well as those with various types of cardiovascular conditions, with the unrestricted inclusion of females and males, all racial and ethnic groups, and the full age spectrum. We will use the latest basic science, bioengineering, genetic, biostatistical, physiological, epidemiological, pharmacological, and clinical approaches, as appropriate, to optimize the acquisition of new knowledge in order to improve the diagnostic and therapeutic foundation of clinical cardiology. The goal of each research project is to improve the human medical condition.

Training the next generation of investigators is an important component of our research activities. Research requires a team approach, and the working atmosphere within HRFUP should enhance the personal satisfaction of each team member involved in our day-to-day activities. As the end of each project, the staff of HRFUP should feel that humankind is better off as a result of our collaborative efforts and accomplishments.

Arthur J. Moss, M.D.
Founding Director, Heart Research Follow-up Program