Digital ECG Holter Laboratory

Our laboratory is equipped with the most modern digital recording systems. Analogic and digital Holter ECG recorders from various companies are used in our laboratory. Digitization of analogic ECG recordings is also available from reel-to-real recordings or classical tape recorders. These devices were used in our various clinical research activity in collaboration with European and U.S. centers.

List of electrocardographic devices used in the Digital ECG Core Lab:

Systems Type Recorder # Leads Software
SpaceLabs, Burdick Holter Altair 3 Vision Premier
Mortara Inst. Holter H-Scribe 12 H-Scribe
Marquette Medical System ECG MAC-15 15 12SL, QT guard
ELA Medical Holter Syneflash 2 or 3 Synetec
System Currently Tested        
Covance ECG MTX-2 12 /

* Signal-Averaged High-Resolution ECG

The Holter ECG Core Lab is also equipped with a huge connected PC network (25 PCs from 333 to 650 Mhz). The network connection is managed using a Sun System Ultra 2 Enterprise allowing the data workflow between the RVRC, the ECG Holter core Lab and the Heart Research laboratory. This network is also used for managing connections between the URMC intranet and Internet.