UR Medicine Heart & Vascular

UR Medicine Heart & Vascular

The region's only comprehensive heart and vascular care.

UR Medicine Heart & Vascular is more than a leader in heart surgery. We are the only center in the region that provides every treatment option, for every heart.

We have the largest staff of cardiologists in the area, with specialists in everything from heart failure, to high blood pressure, to heart rhythm disorders. We have the region's most experienced vascular surgeons, experts in remarkably advanced treatments for aneurysms and other disorders of the blood vessels.

We have heart surgeons who perform complex procedures which are not available anywhere else in the area—such as heart transplants, artificial heart transplants and Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) implants for people with heart failure. Additionally we have a research effort that is bringing the latest, most effective treatments to our patients, often years before they become available at other area hospitals.

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