Highland 125th Anniversary

Highland’s History

2014 is a special time for Highland Hospital as it celebrates 125 years of caring for the people of Rochester and the surrounding region. The hospital’s anniversary on April 10 is a celebration of the generous, visionary people who founded Highland and the generations of people who have carried on, and carried forward, what the founders began.

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Connect With Us!

So many people in Rochester and beyond have a connection to Highland – if you want to wish Highland a happy 125th birthday, we’d love to hear from you!

Visit the Highland Hospital Facebook page, “Like” us and post your message.

You can also tweet a message to #Highland125.



From Our Archives

At 125 years old, Highland has seen a lot of history – and has amassed a treasure trove of historic photos and films to document it. In preparation for our 125th anniversary, we’ve gathered old films and photographs and created new videos to celebrate our hospital’s history and look ahead to its future.  

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