A proud history, a future full of promise: The Highland Story.

125 Logo

On April 10, 2014, Highland Hospital celebrates its 125th anniversary. Back in April 1889, our hospital was founded on very modest means – eight doctors and a handful of staff members opened “Hahnemann Homeopathic Hospital” using donated goods and medical supplies. The hospital consisted of a house and a barn.

Today Highland is the longest-lived hospital in Rochester still standing on its original ground. Highland is much more than “still standing” – it’s standing tall and proud, having grown from a small community resource to a region leader in many surgical and specialty services.

The phrase “We started here” is rich with meaning for everyone connected to Highland. Many Highland employees started their careers here or started a new career opportunity by joining Highland. Tens of thousands of patients have started a new path to better health here. And many people in our community started families by delivering their babies at Highland. Those babies born at Highland “started” their very lives in our hospital – we’re extremely proud to be the leading maternity hospital in our city. In recent decades Highland has expanded its medical offerings and has become a region leader in bariatric surgery, orthopaedics, gynecologic oncology, minimally invasive surgery and geriatrics.

Inside the logo on this page and behind the image of the hospital you’ll see a tree. The tree’s green branches symbolize our continuous growth; its broad canopy of leaves represents the shelter we provide to our community by delivering essential health care. And the roots reflect our deep connection to the people Highland serves.

So many wonderful things have started at Highland in the past 125 years; explore this site, and you’ll find many examples of our historic “firsts” that have advanced medicine and provided a higher level of medical care to our community. We’re celebrating more than the hospital’s history; we’re celebrating all of the providers, nurses, staff and volunteers who have made history happen at Highland. Thank you to the many generations of Highland’s people and to everyone in the community who have chosen Highland for their care.