A History Told in Pictures

The videos on this page include the very old – footage from the 1920s – and the brand new – videos created this month to celebrate Highland’s historic 125th birthday.

In preparation for Highland’s April 10 celebration, our team visited Highland’s archives and discovered a box of 8mm films that hadn’t been touched or viewed in several decades. We found a fascinating collection of films shot in the 1920s and ensuing decades that, while silent, give a vivid picture of what Highland and its people were like in years gone by.

To highlight Highland’s many historic milestones, we paired historic photos with text and animated the content to create a “flying timeline” that captures our history in just 5 minutes. And we interviewed Highland’s leaders and physicians to get their take on how far the hospital has come in its recent history, and where it’s headed in the future.

Thanks for watching.

Highland Hospital - Future


Highland Hospital Timeline


8mm Reel 1937 "Hall Building Construction"


8mm Reel 1937 "Surgery and Xray"


8mm Reel 1940 "Excellent History"

8mm Reel 1941 "School of Nursing"