24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

What Does This Procedure Look For/Show

  • This device is worn on the arm much like a traditional blood pressure cuff, however it automatically inflates on its own approximately every 15 minutes and takes a reading of blood pressure.
  • The device is able to measure blood pressure throughout the day to assess for fluctuation and is most commonly used to assess if a patient truly has high blood pressure, and occasionally to look for variations in blood pressure throughout the day.

How Long Does This Procedure Take

Placing the monitor takes about 15 minutes, but you must leave it on for the entirety of the 24 hours to get the most accurate information.

What Preparation is Required Prior To This Procedure

 No preparation is needed for this procedure.

Who Performs/Interprets This Procedure

The device is placed by a cardiac nurse practitioner and is interpreted by a certified cardiologist.


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