Surgery Center

Directions to Highland Surgery Center

For pre-surgical screening appointments, and on the day of your surgery, you should come directly to the Highland Surgery Center.

Park in the main parking garage adjacent to the Hospital, or have someone drop you off at the main entrance and come in to the Lobby. The Information Desk is on the right. Our friendly staff can give you directions to the Surgery Center, and they can request wheelchair transportation if necessary.

Directions To Highland Surgery Center

Enter the hospital through the main Lobby. Walk straight down the main hallway of the hospital past the Gift Shop on your right. At the first intersection, turn right. You will see the blue elevators and a sign indicating that you are on Level 2. Take the blue elevators to Level 1. When you get out of the elevator, look at the wall directly across from you. Signs directing you to the Highland Surgery Center are near the ceiling. Follow the signs.

Surgery Center

Phone: (585) 341-6707
Hours: Mon-Fri, 7:30 - 4