Prevention and Lifestyle

Every year more than 500,000 lives are lost in the United States to cardiovascular disease. But, there is good news! Many forms of heart disease can be prevented or treated with early detection and healthy lifestyle choices.

Early Detection

If you are concerned that you may have heart disease, make an appointment with your family doctor. If heart disease is found early, your treatment may be easier and more effective.


Highland Cardiology - ExerciseIt's never too early to make healthy lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, eating healthy foods and becoming more physically active. These are the primary lines of defense against heart disease and its complications.

Following recommendations about quitting smoking, diet, exercise and other habits can help to alleviate symptoms, slow your disease's progression and improve your everyday life. In fact, people with mild to moderate symptoms often can lead nearly normal lives as a result.

It’s likely you already know what lifestyle changes you need to make.

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